Monday, August 14, 2006

This & That

Not much to report. On Saturday I had a pretty busy day that did not include running (shame on me) and then a "surprise" birthday party for my friend's 1 year old daughter (very long story but I basically brought the party to the house, and it was just me, my friend and her daughter, but it was a good cake and beer party!)

Sunday was a trip to Kings Dominion, which was pretty fun. I rode a lot of rides and got soaked on a couple of them and then felt like I was wearing a diaper the rest of the day, because I didn't bring a change of clothes because I am a.) forgetful and b.) lazy as sin.

I'm in a class this week so I'm having an interesting work week. I'm taking a presentation skills class and today was the first day. I did a little introductory presentation that was videotaped and then we all watched it later on the tv. Wow-I look a lot different than I think I do! For one, my hair is just crazy-I'm going to have to take a little better care in the morning. Two, I looked really heavy and I think it is because my clothes are just so baggy and big. Eww. I also hated my voice...I really need to work on my self-esteem. I have a little more confidence, well, a lot more in the recent months, but with that new confidence I didn't know what to do with the attention gained from it. So its sort of a double edged sword.

I'm very excited. I'm meeting Sarah tonight for the first time. We've "known" each other online for about a year, and I feel guilty saying that I've just been so busy in that year that I never made an effort to get together. I'm looking forward to our dinner and what I'm sure will be lively discussion. I'm also doing a book club tonight, so we'll see how that turns out.

Well, I had better get going to the library for the book club!


Sarah said...

I'm assuming the cake was for the one year old and the beer was for the adults. ;-) Such a thoughtful gesture! I had a *great* time last night--it's nice to finally be able to put a person to the posts!

Kate said...

I had a blast too. I'm so sorry we waited that long!!

No, we got the baby drunk and enjoyed our cake!!