Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Suggestions Please!

I need some suggestions for some purchases I'd like to make in the coming weeks. Please leave me a comment with any ideas!

  • Digital Camera: I'm looking for a good camera as I live in such a pretty place and need to take some nice photos of the area. Plus, I love to take photos of my sweet, sweet kitties. I'm looking for something that is least 4 megapixels (though more would be great) and I don't want to spend a ton of money. (we have the technology, but we don't to spend a lot of money)
  • Computer: First of all, I'm trying to decide between a laptop and a desktop. I currently have a laptop that seems to be good for a couple of things...email and blogging. It doesn't have much "umph" to it. I am looking for something that has some sweet graphic capability as I love to play the Sims 2 and it seems to need a lot of power to get it going. I really don't know if I should get the laptop or desktop...I have room for either of them and its not like I can't live without the gaming capabilities when I travel for work (even for three months in San Diego...I bet I can find other things besides the computer to keep me busy, though it won't be surfing in January)
  • Verizon cell phones: I will soon be getting a new cell phone plan and with that will come a new phone. Any thoughts?

I realize this is nutty that I'm asking for these opinions, but I'm just interested to know that people out in "blog land" think about these things. Doesn't blog land sound like a really boring amusement park? ( I wanted to call it Peter land, but blah blah-I'm ripe with Family Guy quotes this evening)

I must share the fun I've been having today. I saw a bald eagle and he/she was just hanging out near the dock by my house. I kind of felt peaceful having him watch over me while I was reading my book and crabbin' (I got two, not enough to even waste the time cooking so they got a reprieve). I also discovered VH1 Classic. They managed to play one of my favorite U2 songs (I will follow) as well as some wonderful Cure, Depeche Mode and They Might Be Giants Songs (shout out to Marc!) The song that really got me "rocking" was Constant Craving by K.D. Lang. Come on-who doesn't like that song? Its just fantabulous, and I don't care if no one agrees. I've always enjoyed it.

I'm also excited because as I am on a tv kick today (for no other reason than I can be) and I've decided to check out Fuse tv's Pants Off/Dance Off tonight at 10 pm. I saw a little bit of it on Best Week Ever while they were mocking it, but I just have a feeling that I will throughly enjoy it. I'll be sure to report how much fun it was. It better be fun or I'm going to be pissed.


Patty said...

A cheap camera that works really well is the Kodak Easy Share I believe the name...I had one and bought one for Cindy for her birthday and it works perfectly. I did an upgrade to the Sony and sometimes I wish I had my Kodak back, no blurry shots with that one.

Didn't VZW just come out with that new Chocolate phone? SEXUAL CHOCOLATE! Sorry, Coming to America took over my brain.

What was the other one? Oh yes, Dell desktops, cheap dude, cheap.

~L~ said...

only thing with the Kodak is the zoom really doesn't do close up shots well. We have a Canon Powershot S1 IS. They have newer versions of that camera, with more MP's, although 4 is plenty unless you want to blow the picture up to poster size. Buy on e-bay, get a better camera for cheaper..

Desktops seem to live longer than laptops..my laptop is dying, I am getting a desktop next time....I hate my Dell(laptop)

I'm Canadian, no clue what phones you could choose from. I like my Motorola E815 though...

I'd like to chat with you off comments sometime, I don't have AIM though. Do you use any other messenger program??