Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing New, Nothing New

I haven't had much blogworthy news lately and the one piece I thought I had still hasn't come. I haven't heard from the HR lady, even after calling her twice, so I decided to stop by today. She was "oh so helpful" and explained all the things she could have just told me on the phone, but the upshot is that none of them make sense. For one, she has to get permission from my job to let me go, but all of this is before telling me what my salary is, which is the deciding factor on if I go or if I stay. Say what? Plus, when she talked to me last week it was "I'll call you back today with the info, or later on this week" and today the expectation was "it should be this week". Whatever lady, whatever. I'll keep working for pennies over here while everyone else gets promoted. It's cool.

Mircea and I had a birthday party for his Mom on Sunday and I think it went pretty well. Other than the bickering Mircea and I go through every time we prepare the house to entertain, we had a great time and it was nice getting to know his family even better. I have to tell this "funny" story though. We're handing out presents to his Mom and I had written my present in the card. It was a "girl's day" where I'd take her out to lunch and then to get a mani/pedi. So the first thing she does is sort of throw the card to the side, and I said "oh your gift is in there" so she began ripping the envelope and I said "no, I wrote it". So she reads it and exclaims rather loudly "Oh no, the last time I got my nails done I almost lost my arm," and goes on to explain about little cuts that she got on her cuticles and that her whole arm turned black and she had to go to the hospital. Mind you this was in 1990's Romania, but nonetheless, my present to her brought back flashbacks. Thank goodness I didn't buy her a gift card there-at least she could only throw the card back down to the ground. Having said all that, I love his mom to pieces, but it was definitely a funny/awkward, embarassing for me moment. But mostly funny. She said she had a great time and I was so happy b/c she doens't get a lot of pampering and I don't know that she's even had a birthday party in the U.S. so I was happy to do it for her.

I've been making plans with Patty and Nikki, hoping that the three of us can get to U2 in Chicago, but thus far it seems that the internet presale folks are whooping our butts on obtaining tickets. Total b.s. But we'll see.

I owe you some pictures. I spent all day Saturday with my friend Robyn sewing curtains for the living room. They are gorgeous and I love them and I'm pretty good at sewing so I'm looking forward to trying some other projects. I also owe you some pics of the new dining room set, that I am in love with and want to hug when I walk by.

Last, but not least, I want to tell you to try the Amy's Matter Paneer, frozen meal. It was delicious. I hate peas with a passion but thought I'd give it a try b/c I wanted the Paneer part, and it was a delicious meal. Run out and get one...or three.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Suspense is Killing Me Too

I didn't mean to give you a cliffhanger at the end of my last post. Certainly not one with such delayed gratification. I am also (not so) patiently waiting for the news. I can tell you what I'm not waiting for...
  • No, I'm not pregnant.
  • I'm not waiting for any sort of test result
  • I'm not getting married
Oh, I'll just spill it, prematurely of course, which is against my better judgement b/c I don't trust anything until it's in writing, but I'll throw caution to the wind. It's not really that big of a deal anyway, just that I got called to do an interview a couple of weeks ago with another program. Weeks had gone by and I assumed I hadn't been chosen for the position. Well, I got a call on Monday from the Human Resources lady saying that they'd like to offer me the position. It is supposed to be a raise, a full pay grade up from mine, which is something I've been patiently waiting for. The conversation went something like this, cementing that Government HR is, well, dumb.
I pick up the phone, "This is Kate"
"You've been selected for a position"
"Really? What program?"
"Ummm," shuffles papers, "Um, it looks like yada yada"
"That's not a program. Look for words like ______"
"Oh, here it is, program whatever. Do you want the job?"
"What's the salary? When is the start date?"
"Ummmm, I'm not sure. Are you interested?"
"I'm interested, but need more details before I can officially say yes or
"Ok, I'll call you back this afternoon with the final offer."

She has not called. I called her yesterday and she said she was still trying to figure out the final offer. Why is that you would call someone when you had no information about the job at all? Does that make any sense? So of course I told my current job and now they are scrambling to try and keep me and get me the promotion that they've been promising me for 6 months. It's just so...strange. Everything is up in the air. Will I be getting the huge raise I've been praying for?
So I continue to look at my phone every two seconds to make sure it is plugged in. Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Was Like Dolly Parton on a Trampoline

Today was my first day with Jillian Michaels and the 30 Day Shred. I had planned on starting last week, but had a lot of pain on my right side due to some painting. I know, hazardous home environment, but my knee is just that jacked up.

So about the shred. First of all, Jillian is great. I think she is a little mannish, but I definitely appreciate how much oversight she is giving, showing you the moves and showing what she isn’t looking for, as well as the encouragement she gives. She really is an excellent motivator! I have some things I’d like to admit, that hopefully I’ll be laughing about in several weeks.
  • I need to wear like 5 sports bras to do this exercise, 1 didn’t cut it. I had to hold my chest while attempting to do any of the cardio. Pathetic.
  • I am a 28 year old woman who is incapable of doing a jumping jack. Shut up. First, my “girls” were just bouncing up and down and I’m not a fan of the bounce. And oh the pain. Second, my knee would sear in pain with every jump. So I did a Richard Simmons-esque sort of “jog-flap” to do cardio during cardio time. If anyone could see me they would have died laughing. Pathetic.
  • I am not flexible. There is some stretching at the end. I am no Gumby. I couldn’t touch my toes, I could barely sit there in the V position. How did I let myself get so out of shape? Even when thin I am not flexible, but this was downright ridiculous. With a capital R.
  • I can’t wait to do it tomorrow-it was a great challenge!

    **Stay tuned for some good news coming up in the next few days. Definitely a self-esteem booster to share.**

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Not a Girl...but Finally a Woman

No, I didn't get my first period this past week (oh the horror story I could blog about there) but I made some purchases and decisions that at least have me playing a grown-up on tv. First of all, I made the decision to take a little interest in my appearance. I am the lowest wo-man on the totem pole at work, and I sort of forgot that when I consider my image. I was wearing jeans to work and baggy sweaters like many of the other shlumps that I work with. Much of that came from feeling too husky for nice clothes (like I looked bad anyway, so why dress up?) and a lack of self confidence, but some also came from the fact that "if everyone else is dressing this way, why shouldn't I?" You know the quote "don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want?" Well, I was doing it, but in this aspect it doesn't work. These people all dress like shlumps because they have already "made it". They're GS-14s and 15s, a full two pay grades up from me, and I still need to prove myself. So I've overexplained this, but I went up to Annapolis with a girlfriend of mine as she's been wanting to take me under her wing and turn this beast into a beauty and I told her last week that I was ready.

First, we went to Bare Escentuals and I was given a makeover (is it making you over if you weren't "made" to begin with?) and taught how to apply the makeup. Surprisingly, I was in my element. I looked awesome and my friend was highly impressed with what seemed to be innate makeup application skills. (or is it almost 29 years of watching others do it-osmosis works sometimes) It was nice to cover up my rosacea that makes me feel a little self conscious. Then we went to New York and Company and I got two very reasonably priced ($50 total!) outfits for work. It was a good trip and I was so excited to be able to show off my new wares. In fact, my friend sort of created a monster. After two days of my new outfits I went over to my friend in a panic, "what can I wear tomorrow? I'm out of nice clothes?" It was sort of funny since just a week before I'd been schleping around in my jeans. Whatever. I'm rambling. But I look damned pretty and I'm enjoying taking pride in my body, even if it isn't the exact shape I wish it was. I'm still beautiful and I'm still worth the effort.

And my second "big girl" purchase...I bought the dining room set that I've been coveting for months. Lindsay and I went shopping for housewares and I wanted to stop at the furniture store that carried the set I wanted (Ashley Furniture). Well, they had my set and it was discounted by a thousand dollars so I decided to pull the trigger. It's being delivered on Saturday and although it's more than I've ever spent in my life, other than a car, education and this house, it was totally, totally worth it. Here's the link to the site. I got the table, 8 chairs, curio and server. OOOOOH I'm excited. My home is finally coming along!

I Wanna Be a Shredhead & Eat Vegan Chocolate

After reading a review on my friend Vicky's blog, The Mummy Chronicles (highly recommended to parents) , I decided to purchase Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred to kick my ass into shape. My time on the elliptical isn't going that well and the treadmill attempts only make me cry. (Side note: Dr said I may have to come to terms that I can't run anymore. Thanks Doc.)

I watched the video tonight because I hate surprises and I want to know what to expect before I start shreddin' it up. I'm pretty pumped. I'm going to do it tomorrow, hopefully in the morning before work, as long as I don't wake Mircea up with my hollered profanities. So we'll see.

**Also, visit my blog friend Katie and enter her contest to win some Jocolat, which is a tasty vegan chocolate bar. Yum Yum and Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Movie Review and Rant

First of all, I'll start with the rant. Get the pain out of the way to start with, plus I'll reward you by giving you a movie review when it's all over.

I can't run. I mean, mechanically, it seems I am incapable of running. In my knee's defense, I tried to go from 0-60 on running, and I am going to have to start over and try to jog at like 4 mph (which hardly seems like a jog, but the knee doesn't seem to know that) After several weeks on the elliptical I tried to go right in at 6mph as a warm up and that didn't work. So it's my bad, but I'm still a little (lot) depressed about it. I feel like if I can't run I'll never get the weight off, as running has always worked for me. Ellipticals, diet, other exercise-they all help, but the running is key. Ok, rant over.

Movie review time: Mircea and I watched the movie Waitress and really enjoyed it. It's one of those slightly artsy fartsy movies with a lot of "la la" music in it, but it was really enjoyable, although predictable. I've decided that my star rating should be nothing more than level of enjoyment, so on my LOE rating, it's getting 3.5 stars. I don't want to share secrets, but basically a woman is unhappy with her marriage and wants to escape her life, only to find out that in one night of drunken weakness with her husband she got pregnant, making all hopes of escape vanish. The story is basically how she deals with this and who she meets along the way. I definitely recommend it, and although I think you can get a guy to watch it, it might be one of those, home alone, relaxing with a glass of wine chick flick nights. So rent it. NOW!