Thursday, September 29, 2005

Oh the Joys

I really love running. I love that it is my time. I ran early yesterday as I got out of work early and had plans at 5:30 pm so I ran at about 4 pm. It was great. There was a nice breeze going, and the only negative is that it was pretty warm in the sun, but I was just as warm as I have been when its been humid out so it wasn't too bad.

I did notice that I'm not a very "high stepper". My form is strange. I have this tiny little geisha steps where I barely lift my feet as I am running. As I go faster, my legs lift higher, but I feel like I am "shuffle-running". Not really sure what to do about that, but I'd like to get over that.

Haven't had a good nights' sleep in days. I'm taking steroids right now for my messed up ears and it effects your sleep as well as the Allegra-D I've been taking. So I've been up every hour on the hour for 3 days straight. Not cool.

No running tonight, as I will get home too late, and frankly I feel horrible. My goal is to do a quick run tomorrow before we go to the movies, and try to get some running in this weekend. With my messed up ear drums though, it has been suggested that I rest, so if I feel too cruddy, I'm just going to "couch potato" part of the weekend away. My intention was to go to a wine festival, but I'm not really interested in the calories nor the walking around with bursting eardrums, so we'll see what happens as far as that.

Purdue plays Notre Dame this weekend too. I'm already nervous!!! Go BOILERS!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Making New Goals

I've decided that I really need to push myself harder than I have been. I've just been slowly running, and then I stop when I get tired. Last night when we got to the drill hall, I decided that instead of going in and using the elliptical (I hate the drill hall's treadmills) I was going to run outside. There are a couple of courses on base, so I figured that I'd follow the 1.5 mile out and back...but when I got to the turn around point I wasn't even slightly tired so I decided to run to Marc's office which I guessed was basically double the run that I had planned. It went ok. I had to stop and walk sometimes, but then I would get running again as quickly as I could, even when I was still breathing heavy or had side stitches (I didn't drink enough water yesterday and I knew it going in) I made it out to Marc's office and back which turned out to be 3 miles. 3 miles isn't very far, but I'm such a beginner...I'm actually a re-beginner because I took so much time off during the summer that I need to really get conditioned. So my mini-goal is to get working on that 3 mile loop and master running it without needing to rest at all. From there I want to keep adding a mile that I can run without stopping.
One big problem with that loop is that the road isn't even slightly level. I feel like I am running at a horrible angle, and that is really putting additional stress on one side of my body, which isn't a good thing for sure. I know that roads aren't all flat and perfect, but I feel like I'm really misaligning my body, so I'm going to look for other places to run where the road has a little less tilt.
All in all, I'm excited about this and really want to keep this up. Today is an off day as I have class, but Wednesday I'll be back out there giving it my all.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Humidity-Nature's Wet Blanket

I ran last night and it went pretty well considering the weather. I felt like I could barely get any oxygen as it was really quite humid. The knee held up, the side stitches were fine (my Dr. said it was probably lack of fluid and I've been drinking up again) but it was just so darned hot. My shorts were in this sticky mess attaches to my legs and I felt like I was wearing a diaper. I'm really looking forward to the cooler weather and I'm really looking forward to going on longer runs once it cools. I really need to start pushing myself...I'm just doing casual "everyday" kind of runs, but that's not going to get me into marathon mode. I need to kick it up, but I'm realistic enough to realize that I can't do that while its this hot out. As it stands my face stays purple for about 30 minutes after I'm done running, cooling down and showering. Not cool!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I RAN (like the flock of seagulls)

That's right boys and girls. I went on a run last night. My knee hurt a little bit, but that was the least of my problems. I went a little too early so it was still pretty hot out, but I still had the horrible side stitches from last time. In fact, as I sit here the next morning they still hurt a little bit, which is very strange. I need to really concentrate on my stance and make sure that I am leaving all the air passages completely open and whatnot. Argh. If it isn't one thing its something else.

The icing of my knee has really helped (thank you Sarah) and the fact that I am no longer climbing the stairs at work has helped as well. Now if all the other ills I am plagued with would just disappear (I'm such a baby)

Today I have class and then a friend is coming over afterwards so I don't think I will have a chance to run. I'd really like to get a little bit of a jog in as I'm hooked on the endorphins that kick in-even with the side stitches. As soon as I get these maladies under control I really need to get going on a running plan. I need to hold myself much more accountable than these little 25 minute runs through the neighborhood. Now that I'm getting faster its not taking so long so I look like a wimp!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Today's the Day

I'm going to try to run today, for the first time since last Friday. I've been icing my knee at night (vanilla, j/k) and I really think I might be able to just push through it...that is, if the weather cooperates. I think I've decided that I need to lay of the stairs at work for a little while, but I really enjoyed that bit of exercise in the morning...but its not worth it for knee health.

Here's hoping I can run today-I feel fat when I don't exercise so I've been feeling pretty low the past couple of days.

On a fun note, today is my kitty cat Fernie's birthday. She's so cute and she gets to wear a party hat for "angry kitty" pictures!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Knees

So its official. I'm one of those people with "the knees". The knees that just aren't meant to be pounding on the pavement, taking the stairs everyday, and just getting generally beat up. I went to the drill hall today and tried to do the elliptical and even that was too much on my right knee. Then I tried the bike, and it hurt too badly as well. So I did some weight machines, but I was very disappointed. I've probably been overdoing it a little lately, not so much that I'm working hard, its just that I'm working much harder than I have in ages.

I do not want to be sidelined with this-I'm going to probably rest tomorrow and then get back in the game on Monday-that is if it cools down. Otherwise its back to the elliptical for me.

Friday Triatholon

If you count a triatholon as elliptical, running and biking, then I'm a pro. I just felt really bored when I was doing the elliptical, so I only went for about 10 minutes on it, then I went over the treadmill and did 10 and then went over to the bike and finished up with 10. And the funny part? The bike was the hardest for me-I'm not used to how that feels on my muscles!

Today we're going to work out again at the drill hall. It has been really hot and humid the past few days and I can not run outside like that.

My knees are killing me...and that worries me.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Another Day Off

I didn't run on Thursday after class...not a big surprise. My knees have really been bothering me a lot lately. I take the stairs to the 5th floor at work everyday and man oh man I can really tell that my knees are having trouble!

My intention is to run a lot this weekend-I'd really like to do a run on base, although it has been extremely humid and there is definitely some foreboding rain with Ophelia in the area. Maybe we'll just end up working out at the Drill Hall on base.

At my new running friend Sarah's suggestion, I've looked into the Chesapeake Bay Area Runner's Club-they have a lot of races in this area and as I get more advanced in my running I think I definitely want to join or at least participate in some of their sponsored races.

I'm feeling pretty good about running and I know that if I put my mind to this I really can succeed. I look back to this time last year when I first started "running". I did a run/walk program and I could barely last the 30 second interval with the 4 1/2 minutes rest...I've come a long way and there's a lot to go, but I am confident than I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it, even if my knees threaten to give out on me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Since my friend crapped out on me for running tonight I went shopping at Target for new pants...and they are cute. Their a 10 and I'm happy-almost fit into an 8!

Not the point though. I came home and started my jog. The air was really heavy and I felt like I was trying to run through pea soup. And I kept getting nasty side stitches, which wouldn't quit. I'd walk a little, start to feel better, than resume running only to have the pain a minute later. I ran/walked the neighborhood and then started to feel better halfway home and kept running all the way home.

I really hate the heat and hate humidity-I'll be in Florida for 2 months in the Spring, which is when I'll really be training for the marathon and I know the humidity is going to suck!!!

Eh, enough bitching. Hope my two readers are doing well :-)

No Run Tuesday

I got home from class and it was almost dark. I know that I could have gone for my standard run in the neighborhood. But I didn't. I chose to eat dinner, followed by a little Law & Order, followed by a lot of crying. On my runs lately I have been thinking a lot about my mom and if she would be proud of me for getting things back together after they completely fell apart in college. I wonder if she would be proud of my job, my weightloss (if she got over the shame of me gaining 80 lbs) and frankly, I wonder if she watches over me on my runs, makes sure that I find my footing, etc. Sometimes I wish she was running right there next to me, though my mother had several back surgeries and I can't picture her running ~ but its a nice thought at the time.

My intention is to run today. I have a running "date" with a friend and she and I are going to try our hand at a run around her lovely tree lined, SHADY neighborhood-it was hot this morning when I came into work, so I hope it cools down or we run in the trees!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Running

After my rest yesterday it was nice to get back on the "pain train". I am getting a lot better with my flexibility-it might be b/c my jelly roll isn't as big, but I feel a lot more limber when I'm running.

My run went ok today. I was a little warm and had to stop about 10 secs (2x) to get my breath but it was ok. I had a tortilla with salsa right before my run and that is never conducive to a good run.

All in all, I feel great. Hopefully I'll get home from class tomorrow night in enough time to do a quick run before it gets dark. We have a really great treadmill, but I just feel like I'm going nowhere slowly when I'm on that thing-even with the tv going. I need to be out and about!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday Evening Run

My run last night was AWESOME. I had stamina that I haven't seen in ages, my breathing wasn't all that bad, and I really enjoyed the music and the surroundings. It was great. I'm finding, though Marc takes offense at this, and he shouldn't because I love him dearly, is that I love to run alone. I love having the time with myself, to think about the day, to enjoy my music and just enjoy the sights. I don't have to worry if I am going fast enough, if I am keeping the pace a partner wants-I'm out there for me. If I want to stop, I can stop, or go on for hours (har har) Its just great.

In this most recent run I ran around the neighborhood and for once in my life didn't have to stop at all on my path. It was great. I was purple in the face when I returned home, but I just had a great sense of pride and I felt really good.

Now for the guilt trip...I decided not to run tonight-even though it is extremely nice and temperate outside. I just really don't feel like it and I am really tired. I know damn well that I should be out there right now, but I just took my evening shower and have my jammies on. Oh the guilt! But I will run tomorrow for sure, as its a priority to me.

Tomorrow is weigh in for Weight Watchers-here's hoping this weeks running has helped a little bit...I feel so close (yet so far away) to goal!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Last night's run

I took a quick run last night in the neighborhood...make that a run/walk. Marc and I went out last night after splitting a bag of popcorn and it was just not conducive to running. We ran and walked and just enjoyed each other and the neighborhood. I really need to stop being a big baby and just keep going!!! I always stop for side pains, etc, and if I just keep going they always go away.
Ah, today is a new day. Washed cars the the Police Department for a few hours and then I'm going to run this evening. Now I'm off to watch The People's Court!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I exercised today but it was NOT awesome. I actually went home from work sick today because my stomach has been killing me as well as my head. My doctor thinks its migraines and I tend to agree with that!

But I decided to work out anyway. I wanted to run outside, but Marc said he didn't want to hurt his knees, so we went to the drill hall instead and did the ellipticals. My stomach really started to hurt after about 20 minutes, so I rode the recumbant bike for another 10 minutes while he finished up. I would have preferred jogging at home, but I guess its all exercise.

Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully free of headaches and tummy aches.