Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Since my friend crapped out on me for running tonight I went shopping at Target for new pants...and they are cute. Their a 10 and I'm happy-almost fit into an 8!

Not the point though. I came home and started my jog. The air was really heavy and I felt like I was trying to run through pea soup. And I kept getting nasty side stitches, which wouldn't quit. I'd walk a little, start to feel better, than resume running only to have the pain a minute later. I ran/walked the neighborhood and then started to feel better halfway home and kept running all the way home.

I really hate the heat and hate humidity-I'll be in Florida for 2 months in the Spring, which is when I'll really be training for the marathon and I know the humidity is going to suck!!!

Eh, enough bitching. Hope my two readers are doing well :-)


Sarah said...

Running in the humidity is the WORST THING EVER. For a couple of weeks I was thinking it was gone for good, but these past few days have been ridiculous. I'm amazed you were still able to go out with it; I've been wimping out and running on a treadmill.
Also, yay for buying small pants at target. :-) I have *got* to buy new clothes this weekend, and it's always scary trying to figure out what size I'll be. Are you running in the 5K at the college on Saturday?

Kate said...

I didn't know about the 5k at the college so no. BOO! Even though it would kill me I'd really like to get into that environment!

Anonymous said...

I wanna go to florida with you kate!!!!!! Are you really going to be gone for that long? also, is it for vacation or work?

Kate said...

Its for work Aymen. I have to go to Aviation Maintenance Officer's School. It will be a real pain, but I should have decent weather for running-I've already checked into the Pensacola Runner's Club. I'm sure you can come down and visit if you want.

Sarah said...

You know, I think they may have race day registration, but I'm not sure.