Thursday, September 29, 2005

Oh the Joys

I really love running. I love that it is my time. I ran early yesterday as I got out of work early and had plans at 5:30 pm so I ran at about 4 pm. It was great. There was a nice breeze going, and the only negative is that it was pretty warm in the sun, but I was just as warm as I have been when its been humid out so it wasn't too bad.

I did notice that I'm not a very "high stepper". My form is strange. I have this tiny little geisha steps where I barely lift my feet as I am running. As I go faster, my legs lift higher, but I feel like I am "shuffle-running". Not really sure what to do about that, but I'd like to get over that.

Haven't had a good nights' sleep in days. I'm taking steroids right now for my messed up ears and it effects your sleep as well as the Allegra-D I've been taking. So I've been up every hour on the hour for 3 days straight. Not cool.

No running tonight, as I will get home too late, and frankly I feel horrible. My goal is to do a quick run tomorrow before we go to the movies, and try to get some running in this weekend. With my messed up ear drums though, it has been suggested that I rest, so if I feel too cruddy, I'm just going to "couch potato" part of the weekend away. My intention was to go to a wine festival, but I'm not really interested in the calories nor the walking around with bursting eardrums, so we'll see what happens as far as that.

Purdue plays Notre Dame this weekend too. I'm already nervous!!! Go BOILERS!!!


Sarah said...

How can you run at all with your eardrums being all crazy like that?? I totally second the idea of taking some time off and resting up! I'll be at the winefest this weekend, so I'll let you know how fun it was. :-)
It's interesting how you talk about your step; I'm not sure if I've ever really noticed mine. I was in a running study one time and I know they were looking at the force with which you hit the ground while running, and I know that was somehow determined by an equation involving stride and weight and gravity and whatever else.
But I obviously didn't learn much from it, so I'm not sure why I brought it up... :-) I know you said you don't like treadmills (boring as hell!), but maybe treadmill running once a week can help you focus on your stride and whatnot.

Marc said...

What? You didn't mention your hot boyfriend in this post? How dare you!
Two can play at this game. ;-)