Saturday, March 29, 2008

He Probably Wouldn't Be Interested in Me Anyway...

I never watched Design Star on HGTV. But once I saw the first season's winner, David Bromstad, and his gorgeous muscles, I said to myself "oooh boy, I want to watch that man work" (while I sit on the couch munching bon-bons). I'm currently watching his something color show, I don't even know. He has his shirt off right now and I can barely type what I want to. He's hot and sweaty, has tatoos, and looks FANTASTIC in jeans. The only "negative" is that he is gay, but I'll say's not really a problem because he can still be a fantasy because it isn't going to happen anyway. I just like that body. Woohoo! Ok, now I feel a little silly, but you tell me that you don't agree. TELL ME!!!

One More Review

I had the best dinner tonight. As I went shopping on Friday, I'm trying out all of my new goodies (instead of eating yet another can of beans) and found the best meat replacement I've ever tasted (and as a former vegetarian, I've tasted a lot). These yummy "chicken" wings are made by Health is Wealth and are totally vegan. Mircea tasted one and he said "you checked the box-these aren't meat?" The only poor review we got was from Yukon, who I think was turned off by the "buffalo" part. He put it in his mouth and spit it out-literally spit, so I think my goal of turning him into vegan (yeah right) isn't likely to happen. I'll give him credit-he's doing his part to reduce waste by pottying outside and by using feline pine litter if he has to go inside.

Day 6: Food Reviews

I have had some interesting food in my mouth the past few days. The following are the reviews:

  • R.W. Knudsen Simply Nutritious Mega Green juice: This 100% juice mixture of all kinds of goodies was pretty delicious. It has a lot of fruits and veggies in it and no added sugar, so it was pretty darned delicious.
  • Light Life Smart Bacon: This is a meat free bacon subtitute. It isn't all that smart. Or tasty. The more of it I ate the more I enjoyed it. It was nice and salty tasting, but I could also tell that it wasn't any form of meat whatsoever. It tasted very "grainy". I actually would recommend it if a vegetarian or vegan really wants to have that smoky bacon flavor. But if you're doing it just to cut out fat and calories in your bacon-eat the damn bacon!
  • Frey Vineyards Menocino Sauvignon Blanc organic wine: Oh, it's medicino. This wine doesn't contain any sulfites (those nasty inorganic preservatives that make the wine taste good). It's disgusting. DISGUSTING. It sort of tasted like olives...and nasty. I had two sips and thought I would die. Mircea had a sip and I thought he was going to spit it out (and he has Romanian tastebuds). GRRRRR-OSSS. So despite the fact that the Skinny Bitches suggest that one doesn't drink any alcohol other than wine that is sans sulfites they can shove it! That was gross. Part of me is like "well, I should just give up all alcohol b/c it isn't healthy" but the I also wonder if following a strict diet like this really does make life suck a little.
  • Sushi: I made it myself with brown rice and I avoided eating the fish, though I wanted it so badly. I made mine with brown rice, a little bit of tofu, avacado, and a heck of a lot of wasabi (to make the tofu taste like something.) They were pretty tasty, though the salmon looked unbelievable. I figured eating it the first weekend wasn't following the rules very well.

It been almost a week and I think I know how this might end. I'm totally willing to give up the dairy. Gone, gone, gone! I will eat my sushi with brown rice, but I'll eat it with fish. I don't think I'll eat a lot of meat either...if any. It's weird. I love this, but I don't love eating all the fake products. The taste of meat is good.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The House Hunt

Didn't go so well today. I think my Realtor is upset with me too because the houses weren't that great and she wants me to buy look at something a little higher in price. She's right, but I'm terrified. I don't want to be one of these people in a few years that is getting their house foreclosed on. I'm just nervous. We'll see what happens-I'm pretty frustrated right now. I wish I made better money-or had someone else who wanted to share a mortgage payment with me. Whatever. I'm just frustrated.

Wish me luck. I don't know if buying a house is right. I don't know if Mircea wants to try living together again, I know I don't want to live in the cottage, but I also don't know what to do.

I'm in a great mood otherwise. Happy as a Vegan Clam!

Day 5: Grocery Trip

I had a very eventful trip to the new Giant in Lusby. I'd been there with Mircea before, but I wasn't looking at it from the vegan perspective. Let me tell you this-they know how to cater to the vegan. There is an entire organic aisle and there is a whole freezer section of mostly vegan items. Woo-wee!!! Life is good!

At bowling last night I was a little nervous about eating. But I brought a banana and a Larabar and felt great. My team got beer and I didn't even miss it-I had a big bottle of water. Bowled one of my better games too-I credit vegan eating!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Too Funny

Day Four: Life Rocks!

I’m sure that everyone is sick of my daily blog entry, but I need to keep a record for myself. I’ve found out the following things in the last 4 days.

  • I am guilt free eating. Do you know how awesome that is? Nothing that I’ve been eating is bad for me, so I don’t have those guilty feelings after eating a meal or enjoying a snack
  • I feel skinny. I’m not skinny (unless we’re talking in the rhino family) but I feel amazing. I don’t feel that bloated feeling. Yeah, I am jiggling, but I know that I’m not adding to that jiggle anymore and it feels amazing
  • I am nervous about this weekend. I will be at Mircea’s house, but I’m going to bring plenty of rations and plenty of willpower. I’m making sushi this weekend too and I’m going to attempt to use tofu instead of fish…I just really don’t want to eat the fish. I told myself I could, but now I want to show some real willpower. Only thing with that is that I can’t give that up forever so I may be setting myself up for failure if I try to keep it up too long.
  • I’m going to experiment with some veggies on the grill. That thrills the heck out of me.
    If anyone has problems “going #2” this is a great diet to follow. Let’s just say what goes in comes right out. How liberating!!!
  • I really thought that I would hate this. I love it. LOOOOOOOVE it!

For dinner last night I made a "catch-all". I made tofu, black beans, black olives and brown rice and mixed it all together with some garlic and chipotle powder. It was spicy and wonderful!!

It's Her Own Damn Fault!

I read this article this morning on CNN about the family of the woman who died in police custody while trying to escape from her handcuffs when she was placed in a holding cell. The family is suing for $8M in wrongful death and negligence saying that the police didn't understand that this person was intoxicated and mentally ill (she was going to AZ to go to an alcohol rehab center.) There is indication that her family hid that from people and that airline officials were not warned that she was inebriated and disturbed. So when she acted out after missing a flight she was dealt with, and with her crazy behavior was placed in a holding cell, where SHE tried to get out of handcuffs and killed herself in the process. Whom is at fault here? The police that left her alone in a holding cell? Isn't that what a holding cell is? If they were going to stand there with her, why even put her in a cell?

This is just another reason that I find our society to be insane. We can sue for anything. You can sue someone if you are breaking into their house and hurt yourself. And judges and juries every day compensate these people-is it because deep down we all have greed and all think that we deserve to be "better off" then we are?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nothing New

  • Still working on my buttload of homework. Only two weeks left of grad school. I can't wait. Seriously, I cannot wait.
  • Doing really well with the 30 day vegan challenge. Feeling good, feeling great in fact, and don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything. I'm not making any wild conjectures now, but I think I can keep this up for a darned long time. It will probably be something more "vegetarian like" but at the same time, eating out isn't all that good for me anyway and that's where the problem lies with veganism (in a small town for sure)
  • My veggies are sprouting. Who knows if they'll make it to the garden.
  • All the cat kids are great. I just love that they still like meditating with me.
  • Off to class. Only two more of this stupid Econ class and I'm done. DONE. (I hope you can all hear me just shouting done at the top of my lungs. DONE!!!!!!!!)

Day Three Baby!!!

Yesterday was pretty good and today isn’t too shabby either. I find that I am FAMISHED when I get off of work but a little bit of Veggie Booty is making life a little easier there. Here’s the thing with “the booty”. Technically it’s not vegan b/c it is manufactured in a facility that has dairy in it’s other products (pirate booty) I decided that since finding vegan items is nearly impossible, that I’d be willing to take the change that I’d come in contact with a grain of dairy on my “booty”. I think I just like saying booty.

Also, it is very hard to find things made of whole wheat. Every box in the store touts that is whole wheat and whole grain, but if it says “whole wheat flour” it isn’t. Well isn’t that special? I can’t find a damn thing anywhere other than the Good Earth store because everything is made of the stupid flour. Thanks a lot wheat.

My lunch today is a little lacking b/c I slept late this morning. The only items in my lunch sack are a grapefruit, a banana, some baby carrots, and a can of pineapple. I had some cookies for breakfast (I know, bad) but they tasted so good with my tea that I wanted them. They followed all my rules, no sugar, no processed b.s., and the like, but they were made with whole wheat flour. Well excuse me, it was worth it.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m going to make some yummy grilled veggies and I am also going to make sushi. Having said that, I’ve agreed to make Mircea sushi, but I am starting to think that I will try to jam some tofu or something into my rolls (with my brown rice) and keep this vegan thing going. I know I’ll have sushi in San Diego, but I am actually enjoying following this and although I gave myself a free pass on sushi, I’d like to try to maybe forgo the raw fish this weekend. We’ll see. You can guarantee that you’ll get a full report, whether you want it or not.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day One: Evening Day Two: Morning

I finally got some food other than the can of beans I had for lunch. I went to the Good Earth store in Leonardtown and although their prices were a little high, they had a great selection. The sales staff was very helpful with all the questions that I had and I came home with a nice full bag of food. The best find there was a Larabar. I got the Banana Cookie flavor and holy crap, this is the best food I’ve ever tasted. (Note: this may be skewed as the only other things I had eaten that day were unsweetened hot tea and a can of beans) I also picked up other treats and some more fruits and veggies so I should be set for the week.

It’s easy to find vegetarian food. All those Boca, Gardenburgers, and Amy’s fare are all vegetarian-not vegan. So I came home with some Chipotle Tofurkey dogs, which I can only assume are going to taste disgusting. I’m already noticing a change in my taste buds because I’m not eating the fake sugar (or real sugar for that matter.) My tea tasted sweeter today, my cantaloupe was sublime. If Day Two is this much better than Day One, then I’m really looking forward to the rest of this time.

Oh, another recommendation. Yogi Tea. It is awesome. The Sweeet Thai Delight is caffeine free and needs no sugar to make it taste like Heaven.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Day One: Halfway Point

It’s midday on Day One of Thirty. The day began with a cup of disgusting, unsweetened tea. I’ve had other tea with no sweetener, but this variety was gross. But I drank it. I need the water and I also need to build up the tolerance to disgusting food, because I have a month of nothing but. Actually, breakfast was lovely. I had half a cantaloupe (not the recalled kind) with my nast-tea and it was so sweet and delicious. Lunch was interesting. I hadn’t had time to shop for a lot of good vegan lunch staples, so I brought a can of kidney beans that I’d seasoned with some chipotle pepper. It was surprisingly good, and I was thinking that I could make some changes and turn a can of beans into a gourmet meal with little work. The celery sticks are gross. I like celery, but I think I only like the inside, tender parts. The outside stalks taste almost as good as that tea. I also have a banana for my late afternoon snack, and tonight after work I’m going to the Good Earth store in Leonardtown to pick up some overpriced organic and vegan items. The Food Lion near my house also has a decent selection and I’ll pick up some other stuff there. I bought a juicer this weekend and I’m going to attempt to make some veggie juice with the parts of the celery I didn’t eat (I’m sure that won’t be terrible!) I’ve also decided that with all of this fruit rind and pit waste; I’ll finally start the compost pile I’ve been talking about doing. I really need compost for my garden, so maybe this will eliminate two problems. Maybe.

A nice side effect from all this natural food is the fact that I’m losing water weight at lightening speeds. I have already tinkled 11 times this morning and we’re at the midpoint. It’s going to be a busy day!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just One More Day

I decided that I can't wait any longer. So Monday morning I will wake up and begin following a vegan lifestyle. I say this, knowing full well that I will continue to wear leather shoes and Lord knows I can't give up my mink coats (I'm kidding on that one!).

Reading about all the vegan stuff has me up in arms though. I'm torn. Does one little person make a difference? This is what I least on the cruelty to animals part. How is this movement really going to stop the cattlefarms, for example? It's not. The Government pays farmers to slaughter their animals if they aren't sold to keep the prices up, so it's not like a group not buying the stuff is really going to stop the initial production, breeding, slaughtering etc. What really needs to happen is that everyone needs to be aware of this cruelty. I'm not saying that animals that we breed for food should be put up at the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites...but they shouldn't be tortured, branded, diseased and mistreated. I talked to Mircea about this and he said "it's not like they aren't going to die anyway," but I said, "ok, we have to put an animal to sleep because it's old. Do we drag it around the yard first?" He hunts deer and what do you do-you put it out of it's misery (from that first shot) by usually shooting it again to kill it. You don't sling it over your shoulder and drag it, miserably bleeting, back to your truck. It's just the right thing to do. And all the diseases those animals have-you think those aren't getting into our food source?
I'm really not on a high horse here. I am at a loss more than anything. I don't know how to make it better because it is regulated by the Government and despite my Government affiliation, they aren't very good at regulating themselves.
On Monday I will begin my 30 day journey into healthier eating. I'm looking forward to it, and we'll see what happens after that 30 days-maybe I'll become a cattle rancher, but maybe I'll realize the benefits of eating fresh, natural foods, and cutting out the hydrogenated middle men.

My Boy

Yukon is really enjoying the nice weather outside. I've been over at Mircea's helping him with his boat (and doing homework, lots and lots of homework) and Yukon has been helping too. I have some pictures of all the help he's given.

He was very tired after playing football. He's really cute out there with us. He'll cry and beg for attention, and then he'll just zonk out on the grass, in the flowers, etc. He just loves being out in that sun. We let him "help Daddy" on the boat last week and he ended up stepping in some glue while Daddy wasn't looking so I had to cut the fur on his paws. What bad parents we are.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The 30 Day Vegan

After reading the book, Skinny Bitch, I was propelled into returning to a healthy's been about 10 years since I was a vegetarian, but I want to try eating a vegan diet. I was reading a lot about the environmental and social impacts of eating meat, and I was ashamed of myself for "forgetting" the treatment of animals that stopped me from eating meat so long ago. Unfortunately, I'll be pulling a Tawnya (say it isn't so!) and will not cease to eat sushi. I won't eat fish as a meal, per se, but I will not eat any animal product with one exception-raw fish. I took a long, hard look at myself and realized that there is no way that I will give up my sushi; not for health, not for the environment, not for my love of all animals, even the slimy kind.

Vegan isn't the only thing. I am going to completely eliminate all refined and processed foods. I just want to see what happens. I know that processed and hydrogenated foods aren't good for a person, so I'm going to try to cut them out of my diet.

I want to make a clarification. I am not doing this to lose weight. I can lose weight if I just follow Weight Watchers and exercise (two things I haven't been doing well this year, but I CAN do it-I've proven that before!), but I'd like to be healthy. I'd like to treat my body with the respect it deserves. So let's see what happens. I'm going to start on Monday, as I've already agreed to attend a lovely Easter feast care of Mircea's mom and I don't think I can convince her to keep it vegan. In fact, I'm sure of it.

I created a blog The 30 Day Vegan, but it might not work for a few days because it was flagged as a "spam blog" but Blogger assures me that since I'm a real person, it will be fixed and I'll be able to keep a log of my 30 days.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Working on a Plan

I’m not quite ready to begin my journey into veganism. I’ve been reading some different books and articles lately and I feel that it will be a healthy lifestyle, but I’m just not ready to give up my sushi. In fact, I’m pretty sure that after the 30 days, I will once again eat sushi, but I will probably attempt to avoid all other animal products.

Although I wish to lose weight, I am not looking at this as the way to lose weight. I really would like to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I don’t want anymore trans fats, processed foods, or refined carbohydrates. I’m sick and tired of feeling like a pig eating sweets, when the happiness from those items is only temporary.

There will be a lot of obstacles on this journey. I have a Romanian boyfriend who is in LOVE with meat, all kinds of meat. Seriously, we eat cows stomachs (tripe), and he eats pig’s ears and the like. So whether or not I eat meat, I’ll still be around it all the time, and that will be tempting (other than the pig ears). I am also going to be traveling to San Diego in a few weeks and I want to dine at my favorite sushi restaurant, so I’m considering easing into the veganism, but still partaking in sushi for that trip. I just couldn’t give up my sushi…I can switch to brown rice, but I can’t say no to my raw fish!

There will also be a lot of help on this journey. I have a friend who is trying to cut out processed foods and we will help each other with some tips and tricks for finding the good stuff. I also have a friend who read the same book as I did and propelled herself into a healthier lifestyle, so I will use her for support as well. Finally, I started an organic vegetable garden. I’m not sure how it will turn out, but if it goes well, I will have a wonderful, fresh bounty to enjoy in my new lifestyle.

When I do begin, I will post how I’m feeling, how the food is affecting me, etc. I’m sure I’ll have a bad attitude the first few days, but in the end, I will be a lot happier and healthier.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ode to Def Leppard

I have a love of the group Def Leppard. That's right. I'm a 27 year old woman who has normal hair and teeth and I fricken' love Def Leppard. When I hear their music, particularly in the car, I go into what can only be described as some sort of rock and roll seizure, where I'm fake yelling along with the song in a fit of mock-rage and angst. It's beautiful. I'm hooked on Bringing on the Heartbreak right now. It's just a wonderful song. Of course, there's Pour Some Sugar, and if I find out that someone I know doesn't like that song, well then I guess I just don't know you!!

Oh and then there's Love Bites. What a song that is!! Clearly I've also been on a downloading rampage today. I have all of this stuff somewhere, but my desktop is acting up (another Sims2 disaster) and I wanted to hear it right now.
Not much else to report. I've had a pretty lazy weekend. The girls and I have been napping inside while Yukie naps outside while assisting his Daddy with some boat repair. I guess you'd really call it full overhauling. I should be working on my homework while I have internet access, but I'll be honest-I just don't want to do it. I have totally checked out. I'm a month and a half from my MBA and I just don't care about it at all anymore. Too bad I have two midterms, two short papers (10 pages) and one huge marketing plan (not started) left to do. Hooray! It's stressing me out and yet I am not doing it. Lovely!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Not as Crazy as We Thought I Was

I was on CNN today and they had a video about this guy who has a radio station run by cats. That's right-run by cats. The website is CatGalaxy and lists the producers of the show...which are all cats. On the video I watched there was a 15 second blurb about how the "editor" had died...and they showed a picture of a Himalayin. ( i have no idea how to spell that, that's my low IQ folks) It was sort of sad. I talked to Fern and Lily (i'm kidding) when I got home and Lily had a lot of suggestions about the different options she'd exercise if she was in charge. Fernie just wanted to play Raffi music, and I don't think anyone would like that. Check out the website-no one likes pets like that!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Yummy Weekend

fuzzy picture from my tiptoesThis weekend was filled with yummy treats. On Friday I made the Kapusta, and it was delicious. I think I can safely say that it is not necessary to add the thickening paste, especially since there is a ton of extra fat involved with that. Mircea was a big fan of it and we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the leftovers (in fact, I just finished a bowl). We also replaced a toilet this weekend because Mircea flushed some leftovers down the bowl and he figured since he had to take it off anyway he'd replace it b/c he wanted an elongated bowl. So that was kind of fun!

Saturday I had sushi with my friends Ben and Paul. It was really tasty ( i mean SUPER tasty) and wonderful. We went to the local library book sale where there were a lot of interesting finds. The most interesting thing is when Ben picked up a book and I said "that's mine". He said, "what do you mean?" and I was like "look inside, guarantee you my name is in it." And it was! It was kind of funny. I saw a couple of other books there that I'd donated and I had to laugh. I was happy to see that other people were enjoying them and made me proud that my mom had given them to me.

When I got home after the book sale, Mircea and I went up to his mom's house and shot his new rifle. It was great and didn't have any big kickback so I was able to shoot it. I wanted to shoot a can and Mircea set one on a tree stump for me. Best part-I couldn't see it! That's right, my vision is so bad that I couldn't actually see the can he'd put out there. Needless to say, I didn't hit it at all.

Mircea left today for a training in Virginia so I'm here at his house for the week. Yukon needed a babysitter and it was MUCH easier for me to bring the girls and myself back here then drag Yukon and have him stuck inside all day at my house. So we're here.

And little Fernie is making herself at home in my clean laundry...

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I was on the Weight Watchers website this morning and someone mentioned this site. It's called StickK and it's a site where you set a monetary contract out on yourself to help you reach your goals. It seems like that could be a very good motivator for some people. The goals that they have suggested on the site are things like "quit smoking", "lose weight", "run a marathon", "exercise regularly" and stuff like that. All the money that you can potentially lose is donated to one of the charities selected by the site (it seems that you can't select it). Pretty interesting!!

Recipe Thursday

Today's recipe is very near and dear to me. My family is Slovak and one of the mainstays of the Slovak diet is sauerkraut. I have always loved it and anytime its on the menu at a restaurant you can bet I'll order it. This dish was one of my favorites growing up. Kapusta is a sauerkraut and meatball soup that is just divine. I'm making it tomorrow for the first time ever in my life. Mircea is a huge fan of sauerkraut and I figured it was time he had some of my families traditional cooking instead of all that Romanian fare. I doubt anyone is going to make this, but I'll tell you-it's totally worth it!


2 eggs
1 onion
3/4 cup cooked rice
1 lb ground pork
1 lb ground beef
2 cloves garlic

Mix all of above and form into meatballs

1 small can stewed tomatoes
2 16 oz cans sauerkraut
1 small onion
2 bay leaves

1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup flour

1. Add sauerkraut, meatballs, tomatoes and garlic to a large pot. Cover with water. On LOW HEAT cook until meatballs are throughly cooked through. Cook at least 1 1/2 hours.

2. Over medium heat, mix shortening and flour in a small frying pan. Stir with a wooden spoon constantly until golden brown. Do not burn. Add 1/2 of thickening to the soup-add the rest as necessary to get desired thickness.

This makes enough to feed an army!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cool Photography

I went to this site this morning. This photographer makes a statement about the waste in the United States with his work. Here's an example...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Off to a Great Start

This week is off to a pretty good start. First of all, the weather has been fantastic...I might even wear a skirt this week. It's also been nice for activity. I did my Couch to 5k run/walk yesterday as well as a two mile walk during the afternoon with a co-worker. I’m going to do another run today, and hopefully get the third one in either Thursday or Friday. It’s nice to be back running and although it can be a little disheartening (slow, seeing my large reflection in the mirror) I do feel a lot better about myself and just better in general. I am having a couple of shin-splints issues, but they usually go away after a couple of runs.

I’ve been thinking of some ways to make the blog a little more interesting since no one really cares about my day-to-day events. I thought I’d try to do something along the lines of a book/movie/music review or something, as I usually find something pretty interesting to say about the aforementioned. I’ve mostly been reading in the past month since I don’t have television and I’ve come across some pretty good ones. I’ll also try to continue my weekly post on a recipe, but I haven’t been cooking for myself very much. Mircea and I have been trying out some recipes on the weekends, but they are mostly European cuisine as we’re both getting back to our roots. I am going to post a Slovak recipe on Thursday. It might sounds pretty gross but I’ll tell you-it is delicious. I can’t wait to make it on Friday night.

I’m patiently waiting for my meditation cd to come in the mail. I downloaded a 12 minute relaxation technique this weekend, but it isn’t quite as soothing as the Scott Cole one that I’m familiar with. The relaxation techniques have been very helpful though, and the focused breathing is helping me a little for running as well. Taking that time for me has been really rewarding.

Only two more months until I’m done with grad school! I’m so excited and so pleased to be done with it. It’s been such a guilt trip-any time I’m not doing homework or studying I feel like I’m not doing what I should be (and believe me, I don’t study that much) so I am in a perpetual state of guilt and “I should be doing this”.

I've Been Tagged

(1) You must post the rules on your blog before you answer the questions.
(2) You need to list at least one fact about yourself using each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name use your maiden name instead.
(3) When you are finished with your answers, you tag one person for each letter of your name.

R- Rambunctious. I still haven't lost the hyperactivity of my youth.
E- Energetic...most of the time. Again, can be very hyper, yet lazy as all get out as well.
N- Nosy. I just like to know what is going on in the world around me.
E- Existenstial. Well, I am when I'm doing my meditation
E- Ego-centric. I don't think that I'm so great person, but I am pretty centered on my self.

That's a lot of damned E's to come up with. Total crap!!

I'm going to cheat. I'll only tag Steph, Patty, Sarah and Lindsay if they have time. All those E's-I deserve a break!