Friday, August 21, 2009

I Had a Post All Planned...

But I don't feel like posting on that topic. In fact, I really have nothing to post on. I've been enjoying everyone else's blogs, with their back to school pics (so cute), their yummy recipes, and just hearing how everyone is making the best of what is left of the summer.

As for me, making the best involves going to Mircea's parents hous to swim in their pool on my off Fridays, so I can just chill and read a book. Hanging out with my friends as much as possible, and visiting Rebecca up in DC as much as I can to make use of our short time together, is another way I spend my time. I just feel so...gasp, comfortable in everything in my life except for my physique, but that was the post I didn't feel like posting today, so that will be another time.

I also think I might soon be called Little Suzie Homemaker. I'm really enjoying trying out some new recipes lately and I'm actually getting an eye for how I'd like to decorate my home, which for once doesn't involve asking my friend Robyn if "this is ok" or "if it's alright if I do this". She has great taste, but I'm finally gaining some confidence.

So short post, but I'm sure I'll provide a movie review for The Time Traveler's Wife, when I return from seeing it this weekend.

Off to the pool!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's Up, Doc?

I realize that in the past several months I have been a terrible blogger, which is kind of funny considering the months of drivel that I’ve turned out in the past and that I actually have some cool things that are going on. But are they blog worthy? So instead of full blog posts on the following items, I’ll just throw out a little blurb.

The Other House: Mircea and I met with the Realtor yesterday to talk about listing Mircea’s old house for sale. Yeah, that didn’t go well. The comps in the area were about $40k less than he’d paid for it, so needless to say, we’ll be renting the house out until the market improves a little bit. We’ve had a couple of bites, but we haven’t been marketing heavily as we’d planned to sell. The house does look fantastic now and I need to update the website I put together for it. It turns out that I’m terrible at taking pictures of houses though…it’s hard!

The Dog: You know that dog that only lasted a week at our house? Well I just checked on her at the Humane Society and she has been adopted! It only took the entire summer and her description kept changing to add things like “needs 6 foot fence” and “extremely energetic”. She was a sweet girl and I’m so happy for her!!

My Whine Wine: My wine rack, which is really my microwave stand, is near our back door. And apparently the sun that shines onto it in the evening has destroyed my wine. Luckily I didn’t have much in there, but I did have a couple of favorites that I was saving for my friend Rebecca’s visit. It was awful when we tried it and ended up just drinking some cheap wine I had in the fridge with our ridiculously expensive cheese. So now I’m going to get that set up somewhere else in the house and not destroy my wine. I guess I have really expensive cooking wine now. Mmmm!

Vacation: Only one more month until we go to Romania! I’m so excited, terrified, and even more excited. It should be a great trip and hopefully will be somewhat relaxing. I’m so nervous that all I’ll have with me is my crappy camera, but hopefully it can eek out some decent pictures. I can’t wait to share all of my adventures!

Money Talk: I finally got my raise. It was a debacle but it’s finally here in my paycheck not doing nearly as much as I would have liked it to. But now I can move to other jobs without having weird promotion rules and it’s just for the better. Who doesn’t like a little extra cash (to pay for all that stuff you couldn’t really afford when you didn’t have the extra cash) ?

The Notebook: Seriously, how have I not seen this movie until now? What a great movie. I’d watch it again right now if I could. Great great great great great movie. Does anyone have any comment on the book? Is it worth reading?

Reading List: I’ve been trying to read like crazy this summer. I’ve completed several books, but mostly I just keep adding to the list. I’m currently reading The Other Boelyn girl, and I’ve read some other great books as well. When I can get a decent list together I’ll share them with a recommendation to the folks in the hizzous. Is that how you spell that?

Procreation: I swear that everyone has had a baby this summer. Or found out that their having a baby. Or has practiced making babies all summer. Its been fun going to baby showers (and hosting one!) and fun laughing at all the games and seeing the happy mothers, but man, I’m ready. We’re not going to have a baby for awhile (if we’re blessed with one at all) but I am just ready now. I know that I won’t get to live my free-wheeling rock and roll lifestyle once we have a baby, and I’m totally ok with that. Mircea is ok with it, but he’s not like super excited about it. I’m not sure Mircea is super excited about anything but football, so I’m not offended.

Th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Wedding Website is Up!

As much as I wanted to get our own domain I decided to just host the wedding website on a blog and make it easy on myself. Easy it was!

Come see all the fun (ok, it's still a work in progress)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My New Friends

My friend Katie and I have been talking for months about how we want to get bettas from Petco and have them at our desks at work. Well, we finally did it yesterday and although I had a great plan for a vase with a plant growing out of the top, I fell in love with two fish at the store and I was stuck with the divider option. Yes, that's right, instead of giving one beloved fish a great home, I decided to give two fish a studio apartment adjacent to their worst enemy. Let the fun begin!

I couldn't help myself either. When I picked them up I told Katie "I am naming them Picard (Jean-Luc) and Riker (Will) from Star Trek: Next Generation" (you wanna fight about it?). And so the names stuck, even though there were other great duos to choose.
Riker & Picard

Aren't they cute in their crappy house?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Bacon, You Dirty Slut

I felt sort of risque using slut in the title, but decided, that I'm 29 years old and I can type what I want. Oh yeah, and if you don't like it...I'm sorry. :-) See, I can't really be risque without the guilt.

Back to bacon. I've made the decision to eat meat-but only for Romania. I did a lot of research and the places in Romania we are going to are FAR from veggie friendly. And who really wants to be the annoying American saying "i don't eat that"? Well, being the annoying american who asks their fiance to say "she doesn't eat that, yeah, I know, aren't all americans so damned picky?" So alas, I prep my belly. And yes, I said a prayer to all the animals, apologized and said that it's ok if you eat other humans to get back at me. Mean humans.

So basically I've had a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich (awesome) and some bacon (really awesome). I am trying to keep a positive attitude about this because I really don't want to eat meat and have every intention of stopping the carnivorous frenzy when I return from the good land (not Milwaukee-come on, 10 points to anyone who gets the reference). I'm trying to eat one meaty meal a week and so far I've really just been eating the bacon. I can hear myself getting fatter on that, but it's the only meat I even like at this point. So we'll see.

Yeah I know, boring post, but just as some don't like to talk about their flair, I don't like to talk about my meat.

On a side note, I'm babysitting Mircea's mom's feral kitten. He's a wildman but I think they'll tame him if I can convince them to stop letting him use their hands as toys. A little tough love never hurt a kitten (and by tough I mean ignoring him or using a spray bottle, not actually tough). Cute kitty and I'll post pictures of him later.