Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My New Friends

My friend Katie and I have been talking for months about how we want to get bettas from Petco and have them at our desks at work. Well, we finally did it yesterday and although I had a great plan for a vase with a plant growing out of the top, I fell in love with two fish at the store and I was stuck with the divider option. Yes, that's right, instead of giving one beloved fish a great home, I decided to give two fish a studio apartment adjacent to their worst enemy. Let the fun begin!

I couldn't help myself either. When I picked them up I told Katie "I am naming them Picard (Jean-Luc) and Riker (Will) from Star Trek: Next Generation" (you wanna fight about it?). And so the names stuck, even though there were other great duos to choose.
Riker & Picard

Aren't they cute in their crappy house?


Stephany said...

those are some pretty swanky fish studio apartments though .adam LOVES the names you chose... he read over my shoulder and that's the first words he picked out.

George said...

Frederic bought me a betta about a month ago and he lasted a week! His name was Bertrand. He was happy and doing well but them Frederic made me change the water and he was dead that same day! Doh! I don't think we are ready for kids yet!

Good luck with your new water babies!