Monday, February 15, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours (or should I say Poors?)

I think it's high time I start playing the lottery. In addition to the roof at our old house, the new tires Mircea had to have on his car and the brakes that are also required (luckily he can do them himself), I thought we'd been spending plenty of money lately. Apparently, there is another plan-to spend more! Mircea came home today and informed me that the rental house needs a new furnace. Oh my stars! The renter has had some troubles with the heat and Mircea admitted he was scared that it might explode. Wow! So yet another expense has found its way into our lives. I know I have not been a perfect person, but Karma is really being a bitch lately. A wallet hungry bitch.

I ain't saying Karma's a gold digger...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Still St Lucia Bound

I promised I'd update. State Farm will cover the damage after we pay a gigantic deductible. (yes, Mircea has learned his lesson on deductible setting) But at least we're still going as we definitely need the vacation. We're getting married 3 weeks from today-I can't wait!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed In

Let me just say, getting snowed in isn't nearly as joyous as it was when I was a child. Long gone are the days of playing outside, building forts with the neighbor kids, and eating copious amount of ice cream that my dad would store out in our "snow freezer". Unfortunately, this is not how getting snowed in works as an adult. Getting snowed in involves tons of shoveling (which Mircea wants to do and won't let me help with) not getting mail for 5 days (Mircea didn't shovel in front of the mailbox) and EATING. I'm so bored I'm eating. Not getting on the treadmill, bike or elliptical downstairs. No, I'm eating. And here's why...

The roof at our old house caved in a little bit from the weight of the snow. We just filed a claim with State Farm this morning, but it will take them awhile to get out there. We sure hope it's covered, but people keep telling us that there may be an "act of God" clause that means its not covered. What? Why buy insurance on my house if its only for acts of humans? Surprisingly, humans are fairly competent at home care-at least the humans I know. So the long and short of it is that if we need to pay out of pocket for this repair...we're going to cancel the trip to St Lucia since we got full refund insurance on it, and we'll pay for the repair out of that. Terrible, right? But I can't imagine putting the repairs on our credit card, getting in debt (when we already have a small balance) and attempting to get our heads above water so we can start a family. So alas, that might happen...and it's launched me into an eating frenzy.

This frenzy of course started when I got snowed in with Robyn and Rebecca and we had fancy meals planned to go with our wine drinking. We made such yummy treats, drank tons of wine, and drove Mircea crazy. If I had to be snowed in with anyone, it would be Robyn and Rebecca, but by the end of the time, I was definitely ready to go back to my normal life. Which really hasn't happened yet since we keep having more snow and I've been working from home since my car is really the only one that works in the snow, and Mircea HAS to go to work.

I'll post some pictures later. And I'll post an update on whether or not we actually get to go to St Lucia