Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Not as Crazy as We Thought I Was

I was on CNN today and they had a video about this guy who has a radio station run by cats. That's right-run by cats. The website is CatGalaxy and lists the producers of the show...which are all cats. On the video I watched there was a 15 second blurb about how the "editor" had died...and they showed a picture of a Himalayin. ( i have no idea how to spell that, that's my low IQ folks) It was sort of sad. I talked to Fern and Lily (i'm kidding) when I got home and Lily had a lot of suggestions about the different options she'd exercise if she was in charge. Fernie just wanted to play Raffi music, and I don't think anyone would like that. Check out the website-no one likes pets like that!!


photomommy said...

I saw this on our local news this morning. The anchors were making fun of him.

Too funny.

Marc said...

That's really treading the line between "funny" and "sad."