Friday, September 09, 2005

Last night's run

I took a quick run last night in the neighborhood...make that a run/walk. Marc and I went out last night after splitting a bag of popcorn and it was just not conducive to running. We ran and walked and just enjoyed each other and the neighborhood. I really need to stop being a big baby and just keep going!!! I always stop for side pains, etc, and if I just keep going they always go away.
Ah, today is a new day. Washed cars the the Police Department for a few hours and then I'm going to run this evening. Now I'm off to watch The People's Court!


Sarah said...

I love having blogs to check! :-) Sometimes it's hard to get into the "running" mode, but it's nice to just kind of walk and enjoy things, too. I have to do a run tonight since I skipped out on Wednesdays, but then tomorrow's an off day. Have a fun weekend!