Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday Evening Run

My run last night was AWESOME. I had stamina that I haven't seen in ages, my breathing wasn't all that bad, and I really enjoyed the music and the surroundings. It was great. I'm finding, though Marc takes offense at this, and he shouldn't because I love him dearly, is that I love to run alone. I love having the time with myself, to think about the day, to enjoy my music and just enjoy the sights. I don't have to worry if I am going fast enough, if I am keeping the pace a partner wants-I'm out there for me. If I want to stop, I can stop, or go on for hours (har har) Its just great.

In this most recent run I ran around the neighborhood and for once in my life didn't have to stop at all on my path. It was great. I was purple in the face when I returned home, but I just had a great sense of pride and I felt really good.

Now for the guilt trip...I decided not to run tonight-even though it is extremely nice and temperate outside. I just really don't feel like it and I am really tired. I know damn well that I should be out there right now, but I just took my evening shower and have my jammies on. Oh the guilt! But I will run tomorrow for sure, as its a priority to me.

Tomorrow is weigh in for Weight Watchers-here's hoping this weeks running has helped a little bit...I feel so close (yet so far away) to goal!


Sarah said...

Yay for taking a day off! I think it's important to spend some time in the jammies on the couch and let your body rest. :-) That's awesome that you had such a good run on Saturday night--it's so much fun to really push yourself sometimes.