Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Today's the Day

I'm going to try to run today, for the first time since last Friday. I've been icing my knee at night (vanilla, j/k) and I really think I might be able to just push through it...that is, if the weather cooperates. I think I've decided that I need to lay of the stairs at work for a little while, but I really enjoyed that bit of exercise in the morning...but its not worth it for knee health.

Here's hoping I can run today-I feel fat when I don't exercise so I've been feeling pretty low the past couple of days.

On a fun note, today is my kitty cat Fernie's birthday. She's so cute and she gets to wear a party hat for "angry kitty" pictures!!


Sarah said...

Good luck with the run! And yay for angry kitty pictures; those are always the cutest. ;-)