Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I exercised today but it was NOT awesome. I actually went home from work sick today because my stomach has been killing me as well as my head. My doctor thinks its migraines and I tend to agree with that!

But I decided to work out anyway. I wanted to run outside, but Marc said he didn't want to hurt his knees, so we went to the drill hall instead and did the ellipticals. My stomach really started to hurt after about 20 minutes, so I rode the recumbant bike for another 10 minutes while he finished up. I would have preferred jogging at home, but I guess its all exercise.

Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully free of headaches and tummy aches.


Sarah said...

Good for you for exercising at all if you felt that crappy! I *definitely* have problems with motivation sometimes; if I'm feeling too bad I'll quite easily be like "not today/maybe tomorrow." I *totally* skipped yesterday, for instance, because I had a headache, so now I'll have to make it up tomorrow (which sucks, because I generally love having Fridays as off days).