Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Running

After my rest yesterday it was nice to get back on the "pain train". I am getting a lot better with my flexibility-it might be b/c my jelly roll isn't as big, but I feel a lot more limber when I'm running.

My run went ok today. I was a little warm and had to stop about 10 secs (2x) to get my breath but it was ok. I had a tortilla with salsa right before my run and that is never conducive to a good run.

All in all, I feel great. Hopefully I'll get home from class tomorrow night in enough time to do a quick run before it gets dark. We have a really great treadmill, but I just feel like I'm going nowhere slowly when I'm on that thing-even with the tv going. I need to be out and about!!


Sarah said...

You're so dedicated with your running--how many times a week do you run?? I know what you mean about food not always being conducive to a run. I try to have a banana or something before a long run, but typically can't do much after consuming any other type of food(partly, I think, because I get in that really bad hibernation stage where I just want to lay on the couch to digest the wonderful food I just ate! ;-)

Kate said...

So far, every day that I have written I have run. I think that the only days I intend on taking off are Tuesday and Thursday as I have class until after dark (unless it gets out early)
I'm not running very far or long yet so I have time to do it everyday...that will change once I really start going the distance, but I will probably lift weights on those off days.
I'm tired of messing around. I need to get this weight off and I want to be a good runner!