Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Making New Goals

I've decided that I really need to push myself harder than I have been. I've just been slowly running, and then I stop when I get tired. Last night when we got to the drill hall, I decided that instead of going in and using the elliptical (I hate the drill hall's treadmills) I was going to run outside. There are a couple of courses on base, so I figured that I'd follow the 1.5 mile out and back...but when I got to the turn around point I wasn't even slightly tired so I decided to run to Marc's office which I guessed was basically double the run that I had planned. It went ok. I had to stop and walk sometimes, but then I would get running again as quickly as I could, even when I was still breathing heavy or had side stitches (I didn't drink enough water yesterday and I knew it going in) I made it out to Marc's office and back which turned out to be 3 miles. 3 miles isn't very far, but I'm such a beginner...I'm actually a re-beginner because I took so much time off during the summer that I need to really get conditioned. So my mini-goal is to get working on that 3 mile loop and master running it without needing to rest at all. From there I want to keep adding a mile that I can run without stopping.
One big problem with that loop is that the road isn't even slightly level. I feel like I am running at a horrible angle, and that is really putting additional stress on one side of my body, which isn't a good thing for sure. I know that roads aren't all flat and perfect, but I feel like I'm really misaligning my body, so I'm going to look for other places to run where the road has a little less tilt.
All in all, I'm excited about this and really want to keep this up. Today is an off day as I have class, but Wednesday I'll be back out there giving it my all.


Sarah said...

That's amazing you were able to go TWICE the distance you had planned! More power to you!! :-) I have a feeling tonight's run will be hell; I'm just tired and not really in the mood to get up out of my chair even for a trek to the fridge for M&Ms, much less to the gym for a run! I guess somedays we're on and some we're off; such is life.

Patty said...

Go Kate! Monica wants me to do a marathon prep with her (meaning she wants me to run a marathon the Chicago Marathon by next year). I'm sorry...WHAT?! I told her that is not my goal and I would just be setting myself up for failure being the weight I'm at right now...I'll be happy if I meet my goal of running 5K without stopping. Hell! I'll be ecstatic.