Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Knees

So its official. I'm one of those people with "the knees". The knees that just aren't meant to be pounding on the pavement, taking the stairs everyday, and just getting generally beat up. I went to the drill hall today and tried to do the elliptical and even that was too much on my right knee. Then I tried the bike, and it hurt too badly as well. So I did some weight machines, but I was very disappointed. I've probably been overdoing it a little lately, not so much that I'm working hard, its just that I'm working much harder than I have in ages.

I do not want to be sidelined with this-I'm going to probably rest tomorrow and then get back in the game on Monday-that is if it cools down. Otherwise its back to the elliptical for me.


Sarah said...

Ouch--I know a lot of people who have knee problems and I'm sure it must really suck. Have you tried icing in the evenings? Definitely let your knee do the talking, though--don't go running again too quickly!