Sunday, October 02, 2005

Busy Running Weekend

I just have to say that I had a great weekend! Nothing spectaclar occured, but I just feel satisfied. And you know why? Because I was active. I am usually such a lazy bum on the weekend, but this weekend was great!

On Friday, Marc and I were both wanting to be really lazy. But after sitting around for an hour or so after work, we decided that we would just feel so much better if we worked out. We went to the drill hall, where Marc did the elliptical runner, and I ran outside from the drill hall to his office again, which is about a 3 mile jog. It was nice, I ran the first half without stopping at all, and then after I caught my breath for about a minute or two, I ran back to the drill hall. I really felt good out there-my breathing is getting better, as I concentrate on it I see an improvement in my stride, and though my ears are constantly popping I'm so used to it from the past two weeks that I hardly care. The only thing that really frustrates me is my posture. Years of low self-esteem have me living with rounded shoulders and I think they are fairly pronounced when I run. I am taking note of that and committing myself to correct it.

On Saturday I went to a wine fest and walked around, and was just too tipsy to run when we got home and by the time I was completely sober it was dark, so we just called it an evening. We watched Purdue get slaughtered by Notre Dame, and our shame for a defensive line that would just invite the Irish into the endzone was very discouraging.

Today was the day that I had been dreading, but was also pretty excited about. Marc and I had been looking at paths on base and decided that we would attempt to do a 10K. Both of us knew full well that we weren't ready to do one straight through, but we attempted anyway. We ran for about 2 miles, but my side stitches were really bugging me. So we walked a little bit and then ran some more, though my knee really gave out on me out there and for a second I thought Marc might have to get the car! But he didn't, and I was able to run/walk back to our car. All in all we ran 3 miles and walked 3 miles (according to our wonderful Garmin wrist GPSs). I'm proud that we did it, and slightly ashamed that I couldn't do the whole thing, but I guess I honestly did better than I had expected. Our intention is to just keep trying it, over and over again until we can do the whole thing-I know we can do it for sure. I felt bad because Marc is a better runner than me and I'm pretty sure he could have run more often, though I do take some satisfaction that he admitted that he rather enjoyed our walking breaks!

I did have a little breakdown out there though. It became painfully clear that I am really really far away from completing a marathon. I am going to complete a marathon in my lifetime. I'd really like to do one next year. But I was really frustrated out there today and afraid that I wouldn't even make it a mile without falling to my knees. As my tears were drying on my face I realized that in that moment, I was creating a memory that I would be able to look back on when I am running that marathon and think I can't do it. I'll remember how I thought I'd never do a 10K and it will help "fill my sails" and lead me to the finish.


Sarah said...

I remember last summer my then-running partner and I were trying to run 7 miles and it was PURE HELL. It's so nice looking back on that now--it's wonderful when you can see how far you've come! You're running *so* frequently and really seem to pushing the envelope when you run, so you'll be ready to finish that 10K in no time.
Check out the CBRC website--there's a 5K/10K on the 22nd if you're interested!

Patty said...

Go Kate! As Switchfoot says "the shadow proves the sunshine" so if you're feeling down, having a bad running day...I'm better than what I used to be.