Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Running Post

Yeah, I've been running and haven't even mentioned it! On this, my running blog!

On Friday I was lazy and didn't do anything. No excuse. I had a test to take in the morning and I should have run that afternoon or evening but I didn't. I just lazy boned around the house-and it was great!

On Saturday I think we went to the drill hall, its hard to remember. Oh yes, I had horrible side stitches and a nice man came up to me and said he was a dr and said that I might want to check out my appendix, but then I explained to him that it was stitches and he agreed. I only ran about 15 minutes that day and walked the rest of the time.

Sunday, Marc and I made another attempt at the 10k, only this time we actually just did a 5.5 mile run b/c we liked this path better. It was so beautiful, right along the water on base. It was great. We ran a total of 4 miles, which isn't much, but its better than last time when we ran three walked three, so I feel like we made some waves. I wasn't having any side stitches or knee pain, but I was whining and tired, so it was still a treat for Marc. I just always feel like I'm holding him back when we run because I know he can run way better than I can!

Yesterday we went to the drill hall and I ran for 25 minutes, though I took about a minute or two break in there because the side stitches were bad again. I'm going to do a little studying on this issue because its really bothering me. I'm able to get over them really quickly and keep running, but I'd really like to be able to run without needing a side stitch breather! Today is an off day, but I'm back on for Wednesday!