Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Great Picture

So today is just a special day. I am really not a fan of my job lately...ok, since July. I currently work in an office on a rotation which ends in February and dear Lord I am counting down the days. Here are some things that set the tone of my job...

  • I am an intern, which just means that I am in a great program where I get my graduate school paid for and I get to experience a lot of cool things that the Navy does. For example, I spent several days out on an aircraft carrier and actually landed and took off from it in a C-2 Greyhound. Despite popular belief, an intern isn't in college or HIGH SCHOOL as some of my co-workers have indicated to me. Every day I have to hear at least once "don't worry about Kate, she's just an intern" BLOW ME.

  • I have been moved around 3 times in this rotation. I have to keep moving desks and changing phone numbers, which is really hard since I'm the Intern President and people constantly have to call me so it makes it pretty difficult. Most recently I got moved to this little tiny ass desk next to the complete and total jerk who has always been an ass to me. He's just a jerk who makes it very clear that he is a "Lootenunt Commandah" and dear God we should all bow to him. If I joined the Navy today I would be a LCDR, just so everyone knows. ASSHOLE. He keeps complaining because he had to move stuff out of his desk to make room for the "stupid intern". Little does he know, and I haven't told him that someone is going to be filling my place when I leave in February. HA HA!!

  • Someone has made yummy food and it smells like a cookout. I want that food!

  • I lost a notebook that I had written my name and phone number in. Someone overheard me complaining about it today and said "oh, I have that notebook on my desk back at my office" He works in another building. My main question for this is "Why Didn't He Call Me?" My name and phone number are in the notebook-this guy has had it for two weeks!! Its amazing to me that people take little care-thank goodness he was eavesdropping!

  • Lastly, and what has to be my favorite, is that when I came on to the program they took my picture for the F/A-18 program office book. And this my friends is the picture these people have to show everyone how gorgeous the intern is. Oh my lord!


Sarah said...

And I thought *my* job would get annoying. You're a better person than I am; I'm way too sensitive and would probably start crying if I heard some asshole talking about having to move for the "stupid intern."
To quote an old adage: MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!