Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Little Inactivity Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

Har har!

I didn't exercise very much this weekend. In fact, the only organized exercise I did was on Saturday morning-I ran for about 2.5 miles, but I was getting hot and had a blister on my foot. I always get a blister on the treadmill and I forgot to wear my awesome "Wright Sock-Blister Free" socks. I love those socks!

I walked around the mall for a little bit on Friday, but shopping hardly counts as exercise-at least not my style of shopping.

Sunday and Monday were spent painting our bedroom and bathroom so I didn't do much there, though I'll say my legs really hurt today from climbing the stairs at our house a billion times as well as climbing the ladder-apparently I don't often use those muscles.

Today I am going to go to the drill hall with Marc and run on the treadmills. Marc showed me some treadmills that are a little more springy than the treadmills that make my knees hurt (its like running on granite) Its been so rainy and nasty here that there's no chance of me running outside. Wish the weather would clear up...


Sarah said...

Do the wright-sock blister free socks actually work? If so, I need to get some because I have blisters like nobody's business. It doesn't sound like you were inactive at all; being on your feet all day is definitely better than sitting around all day! Painting and whatnot is definitely a lot of work, and I like the idea of getting some walking-time in at the mall (I'm in desperate need of new pants...)

Kate said...

The socks are totally worth the money! I think they work fine.

I was going to ask you about chafing-I saw you had something about "glide" and wondered if that was related. You're a lot thinner than I so I don't think you would get as many "thigh issues" but wondered if you had a solution