Monday, October 24, 2005

U2 Concert

I know that I want to keep my site on the topic of running and marathon training, but I just had to post this stuff. I'm actually considering revamping this blogger to be about all things "Kate" and focusing on my personal life, weightloss and running-but we'll see. My readership is pretty low anyway!

Ok, back to the concert. It was awesome. Marc and I went to see u2 at MCI Center in Washington, DC on October 20. It was just great. Both of us are pretty pissed though because our tickets said "no bags and no cameras" and dear lord if everyone (but us) had a bag and a camera. So I've pirated the pictures that other "bad kids" had taken during the concert since Marc and I followed the rules.

The played a ton of great songs that I never expected to hear live in my life. I really felt that the setlist was tailored just for me-they played a ton of songs off of their earlierist albums and that just made my night. My favorite surprise from the concert was that they played "Out of Control" from their first album Boy, which came out the same year I was born. Wow, I'm old (and so are they). But despite all of our ages I love them to pieces. It was so great to finally see them because as corny as it sounds, they guys are my friends and I listened to their music through a lot of good and bad times and they were very important to me. I don't look at them like "gods" as so many people do with rockstars and the like, but I look at them as my friends who held my hand throughout life.

Also, Bono, who usually pisses me off with his politics really impressed me that night. Condoleeza Rice was in attendance (so close to where we were standing-it was pretty cool) and Bono said several complimentary things about her and the President. He said despite his views on the Republicans that he couldn't deny the fact that money was contributed to the One campaign and the debts were relieved to many African countries. I finally looked at Bono as a reasonable human being and I was also very proud of all the work he's done. To hear him speak made me realize that he wasn't doing this for "fame and fortune" he really cares about these people.

So it was great. And I hope to see them again sometime, but I'm so glad that I could share this with Marc. I wanted to post a pretty cool picture of Larry Mullen Jr, my second favorite drummer ever (Marc being the first), but this damned blog won't let me. Poopy blog.


Marc said...

I really enjoyed sharing the concert with you- much more than I ever thought I would. I am definitely more of a U2 fan now than I ever was before! Next time we're bringing a camera, dang it.

Sarah said...

I'm so mad jealous about the U2 concert--that must have been awesome! I think it would definitely be cool to use the blog for a variety of things, and not *just* for running.