Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I've Got High Hopes!

I have a lot of plans in the works and they are causing my brain to run on over-drive. First of all, I haven't run since Sunday because of my knee and my class, but tonight I'm getting back into the game. My knee is still kind of sore, but I guess I don't really have a choice on this-I think I must run with knee pain...that might just be my life :-)

Marc and I have decided to sign up for the 5k at Sotterly on October 22nd. Neither of us is ready for a 10k for sure, but I'm a little nervous that I can't even run a 5k. But we're going to do it for sure because I'm sick of being scared of failure. There's a couple of other races coming up in the area and I think we're going to try to sign up for a couple of them-at least those that are donating to charity.

I also found a link to a marathon that is being run in this county! That is exciting when you live in BFE! Its the Lower Potomac River Marathon and its March 12, 2006. I'd like to think that Marc and I could each run a marathon by that point, but I'm pretty sure we can't. There is, however, and option to do a two-person relay, and that sounds like a really neat thing for us to do. It would be great to train together, great to work as a team, and nice to get the experience of a half marathon before we attempt the "real deal" hopefully later that year.

I'm very frustrated again. I am just not sure that I will ever be a runner, and I'm not sure my body wants me to be. This whole crap with the knee pain is bugging me...but I'm trying not to let it ruin everything.

I will say, I have been so stressed out lately with school and work, and nothing feels as good to me as taking a run after work, just listening to my music and experiencing the scenery. During those runs the only frustration I feel is with the run itself, and its kind of nice to forget about the rest of the worlds ills.


Sarah said...

Yay for doing the run on the 22nd, too! I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it, too, although I haven't registered yet. I think the two-person relay is a great idea for the marathon. I'm thinking of registering for it since it's actually IN TOWN, but also may want to take a break after Philly in November.