Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Some Running Questions (and Answers)

Not that ANYONE reads this...in fact, I can count you all on one hand...if I'm missing two fingers! But the blister socks questions came up and I did a little research to find them cheap.
The "just socks" website has some decent prices-I swear by the socks. I bought them for $7 at a running store in Jersey, but can't find them anywhere in this area, including Waldorf. Also, I just found this site to compare the sock prices.

I also had a question about chafing-embarassing maybe, but after a long run (I really only experienced when we tried our 10k) I feel really chafed and wondered if anyone had any good suggestions on how to not have that problem. I guess I could rub some vaseline, but I just feel like a sticky mess won't help me peform.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on shoes? My boyfriend and I both wear Nike Shox and we love them. We loved our first pairs so much that we bought other Shox as backup shoes, those we both chose different "models" to get a little variety.

Ok, enough with questions.


Outnumbered SAHM said...

Sorry I can't help you with the shoes, but have you tried cornstarch for the chaffing instead of vasaline? It works better than baby powder and it's not as messy as ointments. :) You have a really cool blog! Stay active...you'll appreciate it if and when you have children!

Sarah said...

I LIVE for bodyglide: http://www.bodyglide.com/ It's amazing stuff and prevents chaffing in vitually every place you can think of. It's just like a stick of deoderant and doesn't cause any mess at all. I even put it on my feet before longer runs to prevent blisters!
I'm definitely checking the socks out because my feet look disgusting right now after the weekend's hike--thanks for the tip! :-)