Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Not a Girl...but Finally a Woman

No, I didn't get my first period this past week (oh the horror story I could blog about there) but I made some purchases and decisions that at least have me playing a grown-up on tv. First of all, I made the decision to take a little interest in my appearance. I am the lowest wo-man on the totem pole at work, and I sort of forgot that when I consider my image. I was wearing jeans to work and baggy sweaters like many of the other shlumps that I work with. Much of that came from feeling too husky for nice clothes (like I looked bad anyway, so why dress up?) and a lack of self confidence, but some also came from the fact that "if everyone else is dressing this way, why shouldn't I?" You know the quote "don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want?" Well, I was doing it, but in this aspect it doesn't work. These people all dress like shlumps because they have already "made it". They're GS-14s and 15s, a full two pay grades up from me, and I still need to prove myself. So I've overexplained this, but I went up to Annapolis with a girlfriend of mine as she's been wanting to take me under her wing and turn this beast into a beauty and I told her last week that I was ready.

First, we went to Bare Escentuals and I was given a makeover (is it making you over if you weren't "made" to begin with?) and taught how to apply the makeup. Surprisingly, I was in my element. I looked awesome and my friend was highly impressed with what seemed to be innate makeup application skills. (or is it almost 29 years of watching others do it-osmosis works sometimes) It was nice to cover up my rosacea that makes me feel a little self conscious. Then we went to New York and Company and I got two very reasonably priced ($50 total!) outfits for work. It was a good trip and I was so excited to be able to show off my new wares. In fact, my friend sort of created a monster. After two days of my new outfits I went over to my friend in a panic, "what can I wear tomorrow? I'm out of nice clothes?" It was sort of funny since just a week before I'd been schleping around in my jeans. Whatever. I'm rambling. But I look damned pretty and I'm enjoying taking pride in my body, even if it isn't the exact shape I wish it was. I'm still beautiful and I'm still worth the effort.

And my second "big girl" purchase...I bought the dining room set that I've been coveting for months. Lindsay and I went shopping for housewares and I wanted to stop at the furniture store that carried the set I wanted (Ashley Furniture). Well, they had my set and it was discounted by a thousand dollars so I decided to pull the trigger. It's being delivered on Saturday and although it's more than I've ever spent in my life, other than a car, education and this house, it was totally, totally worth it. Here's the link to the site. I got the table, 8 chairs, curio and server. OOOOOH I'm excited. My home is finally coming along!