Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing New, Nothing New

I haven't had much blogworthy news lately and the one piece I thought I had still hasn't come. I haven't heard from the HR lady, even after calling her twice, so I decided to stop by today. She was "oh so helpful" and explained all the things she could have just told me on the phone, but the upshot is that none of them make sense. For one, she has to get permission from my job to let me go, but all of this is before telling me what my salary is, which is the deciding factor on if I go or if I stay. Say what? Plus, when she talked to me last week it was "I'll call you back today with the info, or later on this week" and today the expectation was "it should be this week". Whatever lady, whatever. I'll keep working for pennies over here while everyone else gets promoted. It's cool.

Mircea and I had a birthday party for his Mom on Sunday and I think it went pretty well. Other than the bickering Mircea and I go through every time we prepare the house to entertain, we had a great time and it was nice getting to know his family even better. I have to tell this "funny" story though. We're handing out presents to his Mom and I had written my present in the card. It was a "girl's day" where I'd take her out to lunch and then to get a mani/pedi. So the first thing she does is sort of throw the card to the side, and I said "oh your gift is in there" so she began ripping the envelope and I said "no, I wrote it". So she reads it and exclaims rather loudly "Oh no, the last time I got my nails done I almost lost my arm," and goes on to explain about little cuts that she got on her cuticles and that her whole arm turned black and she had to go to the hospital. Mind you this was in 1990's Romania, but nonetheless, my present to her brought back flashbacks. Thank goodness I didn't buy her a gift card there-at least she could only throw the card back down to the ground. Having said all that, I love his mom to pieces, but it was definitely a funny/awkward, embarassing for me moment. But mostly funny. She said she had a great time and I was so happy b/c she doens't get a lot of pampering and I don't know that she's even had a birthday party in the U.S. so I was happy to do it for her.

I've been making plans with Patty and Nikki, hoping that the three of us can get to U2 in Chicago, but thus far it seems that the internet presale folks are whooping our butts on obtaining tickets. Total b.s. But we'll see.

I owe you some pictures. I spent all day Saturday with my friend Robyn sewing curtains for the living room. They are gorgeous and I love them and I'm pretty good at sewing so I'm looking forward to trying some other projects. I also owe you some pics of the new dining room set, that I am in love with and want to hug when I walk by.

Last, but not least, I want to tell you to try the Amy's Matter Paneer, frozen meal. It was delicious. I hate peas with a passion but thought I'd give it a try b/c I wanted the Paneer part, and it was a delicious meal. Run out and get one...or three.


Missy said...

That is crazy about the job - like you said, what if you decide you dont want the job, after they have gone through all of this. Oy.
Glad the party went well despite your awkward moment - not sure how well I would have reacted to that, sounds like you handled it better than I would have..

Jenn said...

You have to love bureaucracy!