Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's Tuesday!

I guess that's something to celebrate. I haven't done anything exciting, but I feel like typing this morning, so here you go you lucky readers, you. This is how freakin' boring my life is and you get to experience it.

I ate venison burgers yesterday. And on the way home the deer (that are always threatening me with their hefty car-denting bodies) were giving me dirty looks. They knew what I had done, and I'm a little fearful that they'll do a little payback to me on my run tonight.

I also played a little bit of tennis yesterday and then was nicely asked if I'd like to be a "judge" instead. Screw you too. I'm not very good at any sports (I was good at basketball as a kid because I was taller than everyone else) but man, making me a spectator after 10 minutes is a little rough. My job basically entailed stretching on the sidelines and getting eaten alive by bugs. Obviously I didn't enjoy this demotion and left after a couple of minutes.

I don't know if I've told anyone about my fun Nintendo DS game Brain Age. Marc bought it awhile back and then recently got me a copy. Its a fun little "train your brain" game and it evaluates how "old" your brain is. When I first started I was like 48 years old, and now I'm down to 23 years old (a score of 20 is the best-if my brain was at its best at 20 years old then we're in big trouble). It's a pretty fun game and it makes me feel pretty bright, so if anyone is ever super bored (and a fan of Nintendo) you should check it out.

Well, that's about it. Not a very exciting life that I am leading. Still need to steam clean my carpets, but I'm still a lazy son of a gun, so its not likely that it will happen super soon. We'll see though!


Patty said...

A judge? Oh the harshness of it all! LOL...

Notes is going down for the fifth time this morning and it's driving me insane. I was already crazy.

Megatron said...

Brain Age sounds like an interesting game. Now only if we can look like our brain age as we grow older.