Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jibbs & Ms. New Booty

Ok, so while I was in Florida I picked up the nickname Jibbs because I always managed to spit out the truth about something I was supposed to lie about. Or at least not tell the person. I never realized that I was "jibbing" as it was later named, but I was on iTunes and saw that there was a rapper named Jibbs. Well, I'm sorry sir (and I use the term "sir" loosely) but that is my nickname and no, my chain does not hang low. Here a link to the video for this stupid song.

I also got another nickname, only because I kept inquiring about the video for this song because I had heard it was funny. Ms. New Booty. Which has to be another stupid song. But the video is pretty funny and I actually get drunk calls every weekend from AMO friends going "they're playing your song". Enjoy the video.