Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick Clarification

I'd like to clarify something, that I'm pretty sure most people understood initially but it is important that the message is received appropriatly. I DO deserve someone who thinks that I am wonderful. I am NOT saying that Marc never thought I was wonderful or that he is all wrong; far from that. What I am saying is that I realize that someone treating me as though I am a bright light in their world is something that I need in life and that I am good enough to receive such treatment; outside of the relationship that I had with Marc. I hope that makes sense because I am not mud-slinging him. I love him (still, of course) very much and wish that we had both taken the time to foster a positive relationship where we were both building each other up and not tearing the other down (or losing one's self in the process). I hope that clears things up.