Friday, August 04, 2006

Quick Updates

  • Went to the doctor today and had some tests run. Preliminary tests say that I am a-ok, but I'll find out the rest on Monday. I never thought I'd be living this life, that's for sure.
  • I'm at work and there is no one here. I'm new enough on this job that I don't really have the capability to be self-sufficient. I'm pretty sure I'm going to leave early, and that sucks because I don't have anything to do anyway-except cleaning and who wants to do that? Yuck!
  • Tomorrow I have a 7 mile run and a birthday party to go to. The party should be fun, the run will surely suck.
  • Not much else going on. There's a big celebration down in St. Mary's City this weekend (the Govenor's Cup) and I might go to that with a couple of friends, but who knows? I'm not really into the big drinking to get drunk and farting around lifestyle (I had my fill in Florida and learned some valuable lessons)
  • Hope you all have a nice weekend. Unless something stellar happens I probably won't be updating!


Sarah said...

I hope everything goes well regarding the doctor stuff! i also hope the run went well; there was a nice break in the weather on Sunday, so that helped a bit. Did you ever end up swinging by gov cup? I decided to avoid it; I've had enough craziness for a while!