Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear Dell

Dear Dell,
You've pissed me off beyond belief. I have spent hours on the phone for one simple, tiny little item. All I wanted to do was change my shipping address. That's it. Nothing big. I've spent a total of 2 hours trying to get it taken care of, only to call UPS to find out that you didn't take care of it. I said my address so many times to your customer service representatives. I even yelled at the top of my lungs in the my workplace "NAVY.MIL. NAVY, you know, the ships in the sea. MIL, as in Military. Yeah, yeah, I'll spell it NAVY. No N. N. NANCY. N. Yeah, whatever, Mavy.nil." I wouldn't have had to even yell about the Navy is she would have just understood PurdueKate...but no no, I was Pretty Kate, and while I was ok with that, it didn't really help me get my computer any faster. Then my co-worker was like "why don't you just go home this afternoon and sign for it?" Oh yeah, because I'm such a slacker that sort of appeals to me. So then I call UPS back and now they don't know if they can get it on the truck. So shutup Dell. I hate you.


You may be asking "why don't you just go up to UPS and pick it up?" Because its over an hour away and since I came back from California I haven't left the county. So let's see if I ever get my computer. I don't have time to play with it as I am still trying to get caught up on grad school work (I don't have the books so I'm sort of spinning my wheels there) as well as clean up my place for the par-tay this weekend. Which is will probably rain.

Yeah, I'm in a foul mood. Who's asking? I'm sick and tired of all this crap. I'm sick of trying really hard to be happy and get my life in order. I'm sick and tired of feeling so sad inside and missing those that I love so dearly. I'm sick and tired of pretending that I don't just want to give up. I want to be happy. I know it takes work. I'm working on it darnit. It just sucks!

Sorry for whining.


Sarah said...

Eh, sometimes we just need to whine. Hope you cheer up!

ramblesnpictures said...

My laptop is a Dell.

It was a Christmas present from my hubby. He had it sent to his office so I wouldn't see it. But they sent the invoice to the I went and checked the mail, to find a envelope from I knew right away...big suprise, ruined.

Hubby had said "this is a gift, nothing can go to my home address, do you really need my home address?? "Yes for warranty sir" etc etc...he did not want to give it to them, they would not sell it to him without a home address. He said "okay, only if NOTHING goes there" "okay sir, everything will be sent to your office"...

Dell is DUMB.

Chantelle said...

you go girl!

drqshadow said...

All's well that ends well...