Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Assorted Whatevers!

Ok, I'm going to the dentist today and I'll surely update you with how it went because a.) I hate the dentist because they always bitch at me and b.) they really have a reason to bitch at me this time because I have been an extra terrible flosser lately. I have a feeling that I have another cavity as well, and that just makes me super happy too!

Another thing to comment on. I found out yesterday that they will no longer be sending interns to AMO school. I was in the last class that went. How fantastic is that? I had to go to this school, though I wanted to stay home and be with my sweetie before the wedding and now its not even a requirement. That damned school changed my life completely-not what I wanted, though I acted in a way that says otherwise- and had I stalled to get out of it I would be a happily married woman right now, living out the dreams that I held onto for so long. ARGH!! I guess it goes back to "everything happens for a reason" and damned fate, but I'm still pretty pissed off. All signs pointed to "don't get married." I was just reading the wrong signs. Those signs were for someone else, not for me!

I'm thinking of taking a self defense class here on base. I had wanted to take one before I went to school but I couldn't get all the classes in before I had to leave. (wish I had!) I think it would be pretty beneficial.

I ran 3 miles last night and it was HOT. It wasn't so bad. Have a 5 miler tonight and then I'm going to stop by a softball game on the way home (its adjacent to the gym, otherwise I wouldn't even stop by) and then I need to get some reading done. I'm reading the book Wicked for a library book club and our meeting is in a week. I'm sure I can get it done, but I'd at least like to get started on it.

Ok, I'm off to the dentist for pain and suffering!