Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Amen My Brother

What's done

What's done is done. The time and energy you spend complaining about it will get you nothing but a lot of frustration and negativity.
What's happened has happened. Instead of looking back, fretting and arguing about why or how or who is at fault, look forward and consider all the positive possibilities that are available to you.
If you've been wronged, don't seek revenge. Seek success, seek achievement, seek fulfillment, seek to take what has happened and turn it into a positive force in your life.
Spend your time and energy not in looking back, but in looking ahead. For that is where you can make a difference.
Learn from what has happened, allow it to inspire and motivate you in a positive way, and then choose to move forward. See the value in the way things are at this moment, and see how you can make full use of that value.
Let go of your attachment to what has already happened. And make room in your life to create the very best that can be.
-- Ralph Marston
Does anyone else find that the right words often come at the right time? I have been experiencing a life change in the past few weeks and I am just blindsided by it. I feel like I have been socked in the stomach, but its with love...it with acceptance, and love, and the knowledge that I am a good person and I need to make an effort to find happiness in my life. I have to wonder if all these things would have bombarded me had things worked out how Marc and I wanted them to. I am starting to believe that everything happens for a reason and I guess for me, this nightmare happened so I can finally concentrate on myself and find happiness within. I hope Marc is able to find something out of this. I wish I could have found all those things without hurting someone else in the process. I will share more on Thursday of what I have discovered this week-it has been eye-opening.