Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Get Out of My Head and Into My Bed!

Ok, such a dorky quote, but I keep hollering that as I walk around my house because I've started enjoying some Sean Paul music, though I loosely call it music and I am not sure that I understand half the lyrics. I was super bored yesterday and I watched/listened to MTVHits, that has all these summer hit music videos on. I heard both "Give it Up to Me" and "We Be Burnin'" and I seriously like those songs. When I ran today I listened to them and they were both fairly good for the running. Though nothing beats Bloodhound Gangs "Uhn tiss Uhn tiss Uhn tiss".

Oh yeah, and I didn't mention that I am oddly attracted to this corn-rowed, pot smoking, unintelligable individual. Isn't that weird? I find him so oddly attractive. I think I need to get glasses or something (you know, I did get contacts but stopped wearing them awhile back. maybe today should be the day!) Wow, I'm ridiculous!

On a postive note, I want to make a formal annoucement that I, Katey Pooh, have a brain age of...21! I'm so fantastic. The best score you can get is a 20, and I was so close but made some crazy mistakes on the last little "connect the dots" game (as shown in the picture). Because I play the game religiously I also managed to unlock all the different games and some of them are hard!! I look forward to continuing my brain age training. Its so funny how addictive this little game is. On a positive note I'm learning my multiplication tables!

Tomorrow is the final presentation for the presentation skills class (I'll say it how I want to Patty-Hams!) I did the rough run through for the instructor today and she said that it was fantastic and that I didn't have to worry about tomorrow. Very funny as I didn't do a damned thing for it as I am a lazy gal and just watched the aformentioned MTV and enjoyed some Brain Age. Its like college all over again. I'm just dorking around when I'm supposed to do something, and yet it all works out in the end. Well, it usually works out in the end.

Still trying to decide on the camera and the computer. Patty brought up the point that I will just play the Sims all day with the new computer. However I'll also do some other stuff. Like fart around and not get my grad school work done (which starts in two weeks!) We'll see what happens!


I realized I made a typo and came to fix it...and guess what I'm watching? That's right, MTVHits. I am so lame.


Marc said...

Congrats on the 21! After my 37 last night I thoroughly concede that you are the Brain Age champ. In my defense it gave me the damn word memorization. I remembered a bunch but I only got it to recognize like 4 before time ran out.

Patty said...

NO SIMS Katey Pooh. NO SIMS. I remember you and SIMS, it's a life sucker. Stay away from the simulation life games. >whispers< STAY AWAY.