Monday, January 01, 2007

The Eve of California Dreamin'

Tomorrow is the big day when I hop on a plane and travel to California for three months. I'd like to make some predictions.

  • Something terrible is going to happen with my suitcases. Here's the problem. I have two, weighing about 60 lbs each, which means I may be looking at $50 in overweight charges. I'm pretty sure I can sob story them out of charging me, but still...the other part is being able to handle the two suitcases, plus the two carryons, plus my freaking head, which will be crazy spinning at that time of morning.
  • I will get a shitty rental car when I get to California. Everyone else always gets a free upgrade. I get the free "bend over" discount and get the car with the trunk that won't latch.
  • Work is going to be busy, but fun and I'm not going to want to leave.
  • I will make lots of nice friends while I'm out there.
  • I will do a great job with running and getting in shape. Not just losing my holiday-schnitzel spare tire either, finally getting in shape!!
  • I will take the time to take care of myself and get myself in a better place.

Oh, not sure how things will go with email while I'm out there. Here is the email address you can reach me at, well, that is if you know my last name.


Happy New Year!!


Chantelle said...

I hope you have a fantastic time!

Marc said...

Enjoy your time out there, and take care of yourself. You know what I mean! The girls and I will miss you.

Lainie said...

Just wondering if you made it out there okay. I already miss you and can't wait for you to come back!!