Monday, January 08, 2007


I don't want to bitch at all today (or really any day) because I'm really quite happy in my life lately. But holy crap! I put on a skirt (the one with the leaves Lainie) and that mofo is TIGHT. By the end of AMO school it was so big it would fall off and now it is very very snug. I had planned on working out this week (and all subsequent weeks) anyway, but now I'm officially kicking it into over drive. I gained so much weight (surely it was all the good cooking from Mircea) and didn't work out at all over the Holidays. So now little Miss Powerhouse is back in action. My friend Robyn made me a workout plan so this gal is going to be buff when she returns to Maryland. I've got good goals too, which I will now share...

  • Return to pre-holiday weight (none of your business!!)
  • Run at least 3 races while I'm in San Diego
  • Run at least 5x a week
  • Lift 4x a week following Robyn's plan
  • Participate in a group class at the gym 1x a week

My biggest weakness lately is beer, which is just ridiculous because the fat goes straight to my belly which is not attractive on me. I have a couple of microbrewery tours set up for when Mircea is here, but I've already designated myself as the driver so I'll be consuming less calories.

Wish me luck on this-I sure need it!!


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