Sunday, January 28, 2007

Time for Some Housecleaning

I had a pretty nasty comment posted on Friday's blog. It really hurt my feelings and it brought a rush of guilt and pain back, not something that I need right now. My hurt over the post touched my current relationship and after a long talk, some tears, and some hugs, I've decided to make some changes.

I'm pretty sure everyone can clearly see that I took the link to Marc's blog off of here. Not sure if anyone visited it, it was definitely fun, but I'll put one last link on this post so that if you want to bookmark it for yourself you can certainly do so. He hasn't done anything to me, but it is time to really detach myself from him as well as detach myself from his family, whom only seems out to hurt me.

As the comment says, my next "victim" Mircea and I had a very nice visit. On Friday we went out for some wine and then for some sushi. On Saturday we got up early and took a walk on the beach and looked for sand dollars and just enjoyed the beautiful San Diego weather. When had some yummy lox bagels and then drove up to La Jolla to kayak in the ocean, which was just awesome. We were in a tandem kayak and we both got totally drenched. It was awesome!! Then we came back to the hotel after picking up some fish tacos and just stayed in and watched some movies. Taking him back this morning was the hardest thing I've done in awhile. I'd cried so many unnecessary tears last night (over stupid people and then stupid me) that I didn't want to cry in front of him, but when he walked into the airport I started bawling my eyes out and couldn't stop until I was up in my hotel room again. I will see him in three weeks for his last San Diego visit and we have all kinds of fun things planned. We're going to go to Sea World and then tour the Midway, and then on Saturday night he has a "romantic surprise" for me, which I'm really looking forward to (he doesn't disappoint!) It will be another whirlwind trip, but its just great to see him and its great that we were able to work this out so we could keep seeing each other while I'm here. It is very comforting to know that my three months away didn't break our "so-very-new" relationship, and that makes me appreciate what we have even more. Ok, enough sappy stuff.

Hope everyone has a great week. I've got my first appointment with a personal trainer tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm ready to get my body back into shape!


chantelle said...

Thanks for letting me know about your blogs changes! I still can't believe his family still has it out for you...they need to get another hobby...

On another note, I am glad you had a good weekend with the sweetie!

mm said...

That comment was mean and unnecessary. I'm sorry you had to change your url due to other people's immaturaty. I'm glad you found happiness with your new boy. He sounds like a keeper. Thanks for telling me your new link. I'll be updating my blogroll shortly.

Anonymous said...

I only wanted to know what you thought about the together post. I just thought it was sad that your ex posted those song lyrics. It gave me the impression he was still hoping that things would find their way back but he sadly realized that you moved on. All in all, I hope you all the best.. even if it is with another guy. Sorry to have made you change your URL- I won't visit your blog anymore.

Kate said...

Its so hard to say what makes me feel worse, a.) that anonymous was trying to be nice, b.) that this person isn't one of Marc's family or c.) that I changed my blog from purduekate, which is just awesome!

Anyway, I guess this person didn't understand that Marc and I talk often and neither of us would EVER want to get back together, though we share a mutual respect for one another.

But Mircea is not my next "victim". I care for him very much and we are enjoying our time together. Let me just enjoy my life!

Patty said...

Kate! Let's just say this. Whoever "anonymous" is is a Grade A, Top Class, Free Range CHICKEN SHIT!

Yeah, that's right Anon. You have a question email it to her or POST YOUR DAMN NAME. Hiding behind that Anon posting, ri-fuckin-diculous. If you're her friend you should have said it to her. The truth always comes out in the end.

Anon, question for you. You sleep well at night? Contemplating other people's issues must keep you up at night. I say take a shot of Jack and maybe bang your head against the wall could help you fall asleep faster. Then you won't be worrying about dead blogs and upsetting my friend.

By the way, I don't believe you about not visiting the blog anymore. Chicken shits always return, they're like those tards who like to watch accidents.