Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting it Together

Last night was fun. I did the abs & buns class after work and although I wanted to die, it was pretty great. (And my abs are BURNING today, which makes me know that they are in there!) After class I talked to a guy that does free personal training there and although he seems like sort of a douchebag (he was nice to the very cute girls and sort of rude to me-I'm cute damnit!) I think he'll be great for me. At the very least he can help me get this show on the road.

I went home and had a very sensible dinner and talked to my sweetie-who will be here in two days! I'm so excited and I've got fun plans for us and yummy food for us to eat. After we hung up I had some popcorn and cereal, making me realize that night time is definitely my trouble time. I need to come up with something to get me out of the room from like 7-9 or keep busy or something. I may end up going back to the gym because the trainer says he usually works later than my 4:30 appointment. We'll see.

I miss my sweet little kitties. Marc has sent me pictures and told me lots of cat stories but I'm still missing those puffins like crazy. He sent me some pictures in the mail and I hung them at my desk so I have my little babies smiling at me all day. Ok, done being super lame. At least for now!


Sarah said...

Yay for free personal trainers! It's always fun to feel the burn the next day. :-)

Missy said...

Good job on going to the class. I tried to do some at home stuff and it not going well. Good for you!