Monday, January 08, 2007


I had to make a quick post tonight before I head to the gym...where I should have been a long time ago but I was instructed to go home first. Commanded to go home first is more like it, but I was happy to do so (any excuse not to work out-though I'm going as soon as I'm done with this!)

Look what beautiful surprise was waiting for me.

Ok, off to the gym, but thanks to Mircea for the wonderful surprise and little note. Can't wait to see you! Off to the gym now!!!


Chantelle said...

How sweet! They are beautiful!

drqshadow said...

It looks like they're precariously balanced about 60 feet above the ground. Have they fallen yet? :)

Marc said...

What?! Those aren't roses!

Mircea should be thanking God that it wasn't your birthday, otherwise he would be in for at least 4 years of grief for having the gall to give you the "Summer Bouquet" when every twit knows that roses are the only acceptable option.

He doesn't even want to know the world of hurt he would be in if he sent you a stuffed animal in a coffee cup.

Missy said...

Pretty flowers, he sounds like a keeper! ;)

Kate said...

C: They are beautiful!

S: They haven't fallen-I figured why take the picture in my ugly room when I could take it with the ocean in the background? I'd think you'd be jealous but you've got the Gulf right there.

MB: The summer bouquet was an incident that I'd like to forget. I'm sorry that I didn't appreciate the gesture more, as you know a lot went into that. However, if you think for one second that I didn't love the stuffed kitty in a cup your lying to yourself. I still bring that out every Halloween. It was a wonderful gift and a nice gesture. Don't compare yourself to other people either-it doesn't do any good. Neither you nor I are the same people we were when we started dating so long ago.

MK: He is a keeper for sure!