Wednesday, January 10, 2007

7 Minutes in Heaven?

I have myself cracking up here so I am going to describe the past 7 minutes of my life, as I came home from work to eat lunch in my hotel room.

0:00-0:20 Think to myself "am I really this messy?" (everyone answer "yes" in unison)
0:20-1:00 Unwrap Lean Pocket sandwich, giggle about stupid "tales from the scales on the back" 1:00-1:10 Eat some unwashed alfalfa sprouts before reading "wash before eating"
1:10-1:12 Spit into trash can
1:12-2:00 Wash alfalfa sprouts and wonder if those are little bugs in them and if they are now in me
2:00-5:00 Looking for salad dressing. Not finding salad dressing. Wondering where the hell I could have lost salad dressing in a 10 x 6 room
5:00-5:10 Found 6 skittles on the desk. Ate skittles. Enjoyed them
5:10-5:30 Ate more unwashed strawberries while reading the [redacted] blog
5:30-6:00 Prepared strange little udon noodle microwavable disaster
6:00-7:00 waited patiently for noodles, snacked on some baked lays, worried if I'd eaten too many points, talked to drqshadow on AIM, checked MySpace (lame) and heard the sound of tortured kittens from under my bed.
7:00 Verified that those were not kittens under the bed, but did not determine what they are

The highlight was definitely the skittles. There were much funnier things that happened but managed to forget between now and then (which is later in the afternoon back at the office-I'm spending your tax dollars wisely.)


Marc said...

This brings to mind another Kate sequence.

Picture: San Diego, December 2000- Kate and I are on our way to watch Purdue get crushed in the Rose Bowl.

At an airport Burger King, Kate gives me hell for eating without washing my hands, since I had just touched a handrail and money.

The very next day at Sea World, I watch Kate walk up to the "Pet a Bat Ray" tank and fondle these sea creatures as they swim in what is essentially their own diseased bathwater. She immediately goes to the concession stand for nachos, and proceeds to lick cheese sauce off of the VERY SAME HAND!

Missy said...

Eh, a few bugs and strawberry contaminates are good for you. It builds the immune system, right?