Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Customer Service Isn't Dead (Really, I Mean it)

Let me share my wonderful Tivo experience with you. As most of you know, I am currently staying on Coronado Island at the Navy Lodge on base. And yes, I was crazy enough to bring my Tivo because a) I paid for the service and b) I'm not sure that I could live without it. (Really, I might actually die if I have to watch a commericial. Try me!) Well, when I get to the Lodge, I realize that they have a private cable station, one that I can't program in to the Tivo. So I'm manually recording things, and believe me, I'm screwing it up at all possible instances. (I swear to you that Law & Order: SVU was supposed to be on Wednesday night and when I went to record it I ended up with Medium, which appeared to me to be a pretty lame show. What the hell? Editor's note: Apparently SVU is on Tuesday nights. I clearly need a machine that is smarter than me to record this stuff!) Enough about my idiocy. While I'm doing the guided setup there are instructions on whom to contact to enter a new cable station. I figured "why not?" and emailed them. They emailed me back within the day to ask me to send a copy of the station guide. I faxed this to them with a letter explaining that I was only there for three months but that I figured others might want this as well, that is, if they are psycho enough to bring their TIVO on travel with them. I get a call on my cell phone at the end of the Chargers-Patriots game and this very nice lady says "Ms Reed, this is Jennifer from Tivo. I just wanted to let you know we updated all your stations. You can just go ahead and run the setup again." I thanked her profusely and got off the phone just completely impressed. They set up a new cable station for a silly little girl who is on travel. That is just awesome.

So thank you Tivo, thank you.


Thinking Fool said...

The Catholic Church ought to think about canonizing TIVO. It is saintly after all.