Friday, January 19, 2007

Getting Back on the Wagon

Well, actually, I don't want to rely on a wagon-my feet need to carry my chunky body around for a little while. Until its not chunky anymore.

I am back to fighting the battle of the bulge. Apparently (I must have read this somewhere) beer gives you a chubby belly and Romanian food isn't all that healthy. Well what the hell? I seem to be putting on weight exponentially and I'm not drinking beer nor am I partaking in any delicious schnitzel. I'm also not moving my fat ass all that much which is really killing me. I need to make these changes because I don't want to be a chunky monkey. I feel so much better about myself when I eat right and have an active lifestyle. I have been very stressed out with homework but I have to remember that food doesn't make my homework any easier. It doesn't even make sense, does it?

I know I made some personal goals just a few weeks ago, but I haven't been following them like I wanted to. I decided to make some more drastic choices and I signed up for three races in the next several weeks. At the very least I'll run 3 times in the next two months (I'm kidding!) I signed up for the following races: 5k Super Run , San Dieguito 5k & Half Marathon and St. Patrick's Day 10k. My running advisor figured I could probably run the 10k by St. Patty's day and I trust his opinion so its a go. I also started doing aerobics classes at the gym on base. They are only $2 a class for civilians (sure beats the $8 at home) so I took abs and buns yesterday (and they hurt!!) and I'll be doing classes every day during the week to get myself jump started back into shape. I know I need to start running again, its the reason I lost so much weight before, but I have such an aversion to it lately. I mean, I get heart burn and a headache just thinking about running...ridiculous!! I need to get over that b/c I'm still signed up for the marathon in October, so hopefully I can overcome my ridiculous fears and get back into shape.

Enough bitching. I'm going to go make my workout schedule and STICK TO IT! I want to look cute in a bathing suit...hell, I want to look decent in jeans and a t-shirt!


Missy said...

Good job on getting started again. I need to get my lazy butt off the couch too, but my couch is pretty comfy....

Patty said...

You'll do great! GO KATE!