Monday, January 29, 2007

A Day at Home

I stayed home sick today because my stomach is killing me. It hurts so badly I want to curl up and just cry, but instead I just keep sleeping and sipping 7Up. I've been awake for a little bit, for some tv and nice "get better" phone calls from Mircea, and I've discovered a lot about day time tv. First of all, its produced for idiots. There are tons of commercials for "money now" loans, etc., and sometimes it just makes me sad. But let's get into the real point of this post, the tv that I watched today.

Let's start with the Price is Right. First of all, how ridiculous are these people? Ok, I'm just being mean, because I would love to be on the PiR. The first person that played a game had to put 5 numbers with the prices in 5 different items. She got one right the first time, but managed to make changes to all of them on the second round (duh!) and then ended up winning a $27 turd. We also can't forget the extremely flamboyant and heavyset man who had everyone sign his t-shirt while they were in line. Well, he wanted to give this shirt to Bob. "Bob, I want to give you the shirt off my back". And did he ever. It was very uncomfortable for everyone. The heavyset man was trying to keep his other shirt down over this belly and Bob was like "please don't make me touch this sweaty item". It was a nice gesture but a little gross. Those were just some highlights.

Then I watched Family Feud. Oh Ray Combs, I miss you. I even miss Louie Anderson. On the Feud we had the Millers and the Piliski's. The Millers were this total whitebread family with the one daughter who managed to screw it up for them every single time she ever got to answer a question. The Piliski's were even better. This wonderful Indian family had several issues. 1.) They were all women who had no concept of a support bra. 2.) They were shouters! They kept waking me up (no, I wasn't going to turn off the tv) and 3.) They had the most insane answers for things. I've also discovered that the key to losing Family Feud is to FORGET THE QUESTION. They all seemed to forget the question. The last question I remember was "Name something you tell your children to finish". I think the people thought the question was "Name something you tell your children repeatedly," as people kept suggesting things like "Knock it off" "Come here" "Don't hit your sister". It was crazy!

Now onto a postive note. I watched M.A.S.H. today. This is the second time I've ever seen it, EVER. That show is amazing. I love it. I love love love love love it. I've always liked the theme song (Suicide is Painless) which Stewie hauntingly performed on Family Guy. This show is just great and I'm wondering if I'm going to start watching the dvds or just get lucky enough to catch it every once in awhile on tv. There are only 11 seasons to catch up on! I'm not sure I can be that sedentary. Who am I kidding? Ok, its time to take another nap. I had to cancel my personal training appointment but hopefully I'll get rescheduled ASAP.


Sarah said...

I hope you're feeling better! Daytime television is something else; I'm always really bad and end up watching Maury or something (and each episode typically involves either DNA testing or lie detector tests...)

Patty said...