Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lock Out

Wow, did I have an interesting evening. Between reading some ridiculous emails from Marc's mother, and trying to survive the high temperatures, I found myself saying "I'm going for a run to get some of this stress out." So I walked out the door and realized that I didn't have the headphones for my iPod so I turned to go back in. The door is locked. All the doors are locked. How the hell you lock yourself out of a sliding glass door, I'll never know, but its possible. After bothering the poor neighbor, who had to help me with the fuse box disaster, he remembered that another neighbor had my key. Thank goodness. I got inside and returned the key to them...realizing they probably aren't dumb enough to lose it. I had given Marc my spare key so he could care for the cats if necessary and he's in Texas right now, so that wasn't an option. I didn't even bother calling him, I knew he was there.

So I'm back inside now and I really don't want to run. Its getting late, I'm totally lazy and I killed a half hour figuring out how to break into my house. The answer is, it wouldn't be very difficult. The worst cost is that I can't find a door as cheap as the one that was on the back, so I'd have to get something nicer anyway.

Fun fun.