Monday, July 17, 2006

Book Suggestions and the Like

Let me start out with a picture of me and my little friend Draigan (Lindsay's son) from my recent trip to California. It cheers me up. We're playing with the E-2 Hawkeye and the S-3 Viking, which were our favorites from the package of military aircraft that I brought for him for his birthday. Make sure to note that I am wearing my pajama bottoms in this picture!

The other things I would like to share at this time are some books that I have been reading. Thus far, one of my favorites has been "Everything Happens for a Reason" which is a very insightful book that offers 10 reasons why "big events" happen to people. Some examples of reasons are "so you can find your hidden talent", "to make you stronger", "to help you find real love" and my personal favorite "to help you feel at home in the world". This book really was great and I recommend it to anyone, even if they aren't currently going through a life crisis. It may help you figure out some things from the past...or help you in the future.

At my friend Sarah's suggestion, I also picked up The Feel Good Handbook, which I accompanied with 10 Days to Self-Esteem. Now I don't believe that you can gain self-esteem in just 10 days, but these two work books are very helpful for getting thinking on the right track.

I also had the pleasure of having lunch with my friend Bill. We had some yummy sushi...sushi always makes me happy. I've heard that there is a new place coming into Wildewood, which should be nice. Asahi's sushi leaves a little to be desired, but hey, me likey the raw fish!

Today has also been an emotional rollercoaster. Talked to some friends from AMO school and they were all like "how did it turn out with Marc" and were sad to hear how it all did turn out since they knew what turmoil I was going through down there. Several people we talked to were like "I'm so sorry that I didn't warn you" and "I wish we'd have known how scared you were". It was kind of interesting, but its not like I blame them. I'm a darned adult and (thought) I could take care of myself. Lesson learned there for sure.

I don't think anyone will read this until tomorrow, so happy Tuesday!!


Sarah said...

You look grogeous in that picture! (I wished *I* looked that cute when I was louging around in pajamas!) I'll have to read Everything Happens for a Reason. I'm a big fan of "bibliotherapy", even though lots of people make fun of it. I like having the power and control to make changes myself!
Sushi definitely rocks; I'd *love* it if a place opened up in Wildewood!

Patty said...

HA HA! I was looking at the picture going what the hell kind of pants are those, they better be PJs and then I read on.

Great picture, no wonder the boys are hitting on you. I'll hit on you. HOT MAMA! (Wink, wink).

Chantelle said...

Great to see a picture of you smiling!!! :)