Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm Sailing Away...

I had a pretty fun day today. At 11 we had a picnic for my office that lasted the whole day over at the Solomon's Rec center. It was pretty fun, I just hung out with Bill and my friend John and his wife (and adorable baby boy!). Then we decided that we'd take Bill's boat out sailing, which was great. I steered at one point, which was pretty cool. It was just nice, though it was terribly hot out there.

The baby was just so cute. He had the bluest eyes ever, and they were just so happy. He had his favorite toy with him, which happens to be my favorite toy as wel. This little Manatee stuffed animal that says "I'm friendly and slow moving, I like to eat and rest." I was quietly crying on the inside while I watched this little blue eyed kid play with a toy that I loved, that Marc had purchased for me. It broke my heart in fact, but I'm trying not to focus on the negative. It was just a painful reminder of how much I lost in my life when I lost Marc.

Tonight I'm just going to stay quiet in the house. The girls are watching some birds and just happy as clams in the window. I might actually turn on the tv for once. I think I avoid it because that cable guy creeped me out so much, which is weird, but I just don't like feeling like a piece of meat...and that's all I've felt like lately.

I'm determined not to be miserable today. Its tough though.


Sarah said...

There are definitely assholes out there who WILL treat you like a piece of meat, but you just can't let them get to you. Maybe next time you need someone to come over and do something to the cottage, invite a friend over? Hope you ended up having a relaxing evening.