Friday, March 16, 2007

Photo Excursion Day One

I'm on the prowl for photos of San Diego. Well, I'm on the prowl around San Diego taking photos. I don't consider myself a very good photographer (frame it, frame it!) but I like to play around and I intend on taking a class after I finally get done with grad school. Today after work I went with my friend George to Balboa Park to get more photos. We wanted to go to the Japanese Friendship Garden that was closed when Mircea and I went, but guess what? It was closed. It closes at 4 so I'm going to go tomorrow after work and then make it back in time for my PT session with Fred at 5:30. (and damnit if I can't figure out how to make them big when you click them. It's totally hit or miss. I want you guys to see how purty these are up close)

george et kate

George and I being silly

Huge Horse Pee Pee

The Horsey Sculpture (I like the use of foreground in this one)

Pretty Balboa Park
I think this one is my favorite

So Pretty Coronado

I like the shadow of the palm tree on the steeple


Missy said...

I think that those are great photos! You've seen mine, and I am a terrible photographer! But that doesn't mean that I don't like to try!

Sarah said...

I also like the shadow of the palm tree on the steeple. I particularly like saying, "shadow on the steepe." Sounds like a good title for a dark poem. :-)