Monday, March 12, 2007

Lack of Motivation

Ugh. I don't want to do anything today. I have a TON of homework due for Wednesday but I can't really get into it. That's just lovely. I'll keep attempting it, but it isn't going well. In fact, I've wasted most of the morning trying to help Mircea with some of his homework (even though it isn't due for awhile) because I simply don't care about math. That's sad!

I'm so ready to go home. Only 10 more days here in sunny San Diego. I love it here, but I am ready to be back in Maryland with my friends, those purrfect kitties, and Mircea. I look forward to seeing how our relationship will go when it's not a vacation, you know? I'm sure it will be wonderful, but it will definitely be very different than our last three months.

Man, I really need to work on this homework. Why oh why can't I concentrate?