Thursday, March 22, 2007

It Worked?

There is a question mark after that. I am getting on the flight at 12 today and will get home around 8 as long as there isn't crazy weather (which there is). The big problem is that they were having a going away thingie for me today that doesn't start until 10, which is when I have to be at the airport. Oopsie!! I don't know how to remedy this and everyone is a little peeved but this goes back to why surprises aren't good. Bad bad surprises.

But I get to go home early, see my sweetie, see the puffy kitties, and that makes me happy. I had to do it. I just had to get home. (And I have a B ticket with Southwest which means I'll have to sit in the middle seat, but I'll deal!)

Talk to you all soon!!!


Patty said...

OK, let's see if I can comment on this post. Yeah, I say you can't suprise someone on the LAST day. Do it earlier. DUH!

mm said...

Welcome back to the east coast. The weather ain't too bad today.

Sarah said...

Glad you're coming back! We definitely need to catch up!!